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At Levine Law, we handle a broad spectrum of civil litigation in state and federal courts throughout Wisconsin. Over the years, we have built a history of success in civil litigation, and our lawyers are highly regarded for their work.

In fact, we have handled cases all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and the favorable bench and jury verdicts we have obtained have helped to change case law in our state. Not every law firm can claim this level of achievement.

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The truth is that our civil case lawyers have handled thousands of cases through three generations of legal representation. Our Milwaukee civil litigation attorneys know the strategies needed for success in civil lawsuits and will take the forceful action required to effectively implement these strategies.

This is true in a broad spectrum of civil litigation, including:

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A Proven Track Record

In Levine v. the Village of Fox Point, attorney Robert A. Levine won a victory at the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This achievement changed the law on how real estate taxes can be assessed.

Civil Litigation Cases

Real Estate

As real estate attorneys in the Milwaukee area, we handle property transactions, contracts, disputes, and legal aspects of real estate, ensuring legal compliance and protect your interests in real estate matters.

Legal Malpractice & Negligence

Lawyers who cause harm to their clients must be held responsible. Our accomplished attorneys will take matters into our own hands and file lawsuits to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Breach Of Contract Disputes

Levine Law works with businesses and individuals to enforce their contracts. We will do what it takes to ensure you find a successful resolution.

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