Consequences of Motorcycle Collisions in Wisconsin

Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Change Motorcycle Riders Lives in an Instant

Many people in Wisconsin spend Sundays attending church services, gathering with family and friends, or otherwise relaxing as the weekend winds down. When unexpected situations occur, it can throw off Sunday plans, especially if a loved one has suffered some type of harm. Motor vehicle accidents often bring weekend fun to an abrupt halt, as was the case for two people who were injured in a recent crash.

It was not quite an hour after midnight when the accident occurred. County deputies responded to a call regarding a collision involving a car and motorcycle on State Highway 11. A 33-year-old woman was reportedly behind the wheel of the car when she veered over the centerline of traffic and smashed into the motorcycle.

The motorcyclist was a 26-year-old man from another state. The impact of the collision was so severe that he was ejected from his seat. The car wound up in a nearby ditch. The motorcyclist was seriously injured and was first transported to a local hospital, but was later flown to another medical facility for more specialized care. The woman driving the car was also injured in the accident and taken to a hospital for treatment.

State Highway 11 was shut down for more than five hours after the crash. Motor vehicle accidents often continue to impact people’s lives for weeks and months to come, once recovery has begun. Many people have to get new vehicles; some also lose pay at work if they’re unable to return to their duties right away. A Wisconsin personal injury attorney can assist a recovering victim in many ways, including helping to seek recovery for losses against the party or parties deemed responsible for his or her injuries.

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One slip up with serious consequences

Not all motorcycle fatalities are the result of another driver. On Friday, July 27, a biker crashed in the town of Jefferson when his bike went off the road and hit a tree. The Vernon County Sheriff’s Department notes that he was not wearing a helmet.

These accidents show that many drivers and bikers are not taking enough considerations when it comes to road safety. Bikers should wear helmets for additional protection and watch their speed and distance from the other vehicles, and drivers should give proper turn signals while keeping a close eye on the road for any smaller vehicles near them. Failing to apply these safety precautions can result in property damage, fatalities and traffic holdups on Wisconsin roads.

If you were the victim of driver negligence from a biker or a driver, then you should consider filing a claim to get damage and injury compensation from any consequences received from the accident.

Problems with pickup trucks

Two of the three fatalities are from crashes involving pickup trucks. On Thursday, July 26, a pickup truck struck a biker on Industrial Drive in Iowa County. The truck driver was trying to turn left onto the eastbound ramp of Highway 18-151 when he hit the biker. The crash threw the biker off his motorcycle and into a nearby fire hydrant, resulting in his death.

Four days later on Monday, July 30, there was another motorcycle vs pickup truck crash in Richland County. In this scenario, a pickup truck driver began turning their vehicle to go left on an intersection between Highway 56 and Country Road A, but a biker that just made it to the top of the hill fatally crashed into the front of the truck. The motorcycle continued without the driver into a ditch. In both of these crashes, the pickup truck drivers did not receive any injuries.

Intoxicated motorcyclists and available remedies for injured motorists

Both motorcyclists and car drivers should also refrain from driving while intoxicated. Nearly half of motorcycle riders who were killed in single-vehicle crashes in 2010 had a blood-alcohol level of .08 or higher. Motorcycles are just like cars–when drivers are intoxicated, their functionality is impaired.

Wisconsin motorcyclists injured in traffic accidents have options. They may be entitled to recover for their injuries, including their medical expenses and lost wages. Families of motorcyclists killed in Wisconsin may also be entitled to recovery for the loss of a loved one. An accomplished Wisconsin personal injury attorney can help both the motorcyclists themselves and their families determine their options for recovery and help them fight for what they deserve.

Motorcyclists travel the fewest miles but have the highest death rates

In 2010, motorcyclists accounted for only three percent of registered vehicles and only .6 percent of miles traveled. They, however, made up 14 percent of traffic deaths. In 2010, the fatality rate for motorcyclists was six times that of cars. These are difficult statistics to swallow for many Americans who rate motorcycling as one of their top hobbies.

Safety tips

One of the most important things that motorcyclists can do is to wear a helmet. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that about 1,550 lives were saved because of helmets in 2010. While helmets are about 37 percent effective in preventing death, according to an NHTSA survey, only 54 percent of motorcyclists wore helmets in 2010. This is a scary statistic considering the dangers associated with motorcycles and how life-saving a helmet can be.

Along with helmets, motorcyclists should also wear protective clothing. It is important to have a barrier between one’s body and the pavement if crashes happen, and many companies offer protective clothing to make sure motorcyclists stay safe and unharmed.

Most motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, so cars and motorcyclists alike should be very cautious at intersections and look out for one another. Cars and motorcyclists have a responsibility to each other to share the road.

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