January 2017 Archives

Bipartisan bill calls for tough solutions to gun-related crime

In the private sector, it's not uncommon for establishments to take their time ramping up operations in the weeks after the end of the always tumultuous holiday season, as there is inventory to replenish, staffing levels to reassess and business goals to set.

Understanding what the law has to say about slip, trip and fall accidents

When you visit a friend living at an apartment complex, attend a social gathering for work or travel to the local shopping center to pick up a few items, the last thing you anticipate is suffering some manner of serious injury in a particularly nasty spill.

Chicago police found to routinely exceed their authority

In Milwaukee, we've seen our share of conflicts between law enforcement and citizens. In December, former police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown was charged with first-degree reckless homicide for killing Sylville Smith in August. The fatal shooting of an African-American man, who was allegedly running from a traffic stop at the time, led to days and nights of protest and unrest.

HIV nondisclosure case overturned for fundamental unfairness

Prosecutors in another state were just reminded of their ethical duty to try all cases fairly. In particular, a county prosecutor was called on the carpet for failing to disclose key evidence to the defense until the morning of trial.

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