3 Must-Know Tips for Driving in the Winter Weather

Everyone knows that winter weather in Wisconsin can be harsh. The sharp breeze, sub-zero temperatures, and frequent snowfall can make driving on the winter roads in Wisconsin quite a challenge.

While the natives of Wisconsin might feel like they have a firm grasp on how to drive safely in the snow, people should understand that other drivers on the road may not be as comfortable. With this in mind, there are several tips that all motorists should keep in mind to better ensure they arrive at their destinations safely.

Four-Wheel Drive is a Must

Few people living in Wisconsin lack a car with four wheel drive; however, there are still people who rely on two wheel drive to get from place to place. For those who don’t know, four wheel drive means that the engine is sending power to all four wheels. This is helpful when driving through the snow because not every tire is going to have appropriate traction on the slippery surface. If the wheels with traction do not have any power from the engine, the car will slide and be unable to move. Drive a car with four wheel drive to ensure the car has proper traction.

Be Prepared

While nobody goes out in winter weather assuming that they’re going to have an accident, the saying is always to be prepared for the worst. If the weather suddenly picks up or a distracted driver causes a car accident, it is important that people have the proper equipment to deal with the situation. An emergency roadside kit has numerous tools that might come in handy during a winter accident such as a blanket, a flashlight, jumper cables, and maybe even a tire jack. Furthermore, always make sure that there is a way to contact emergency services if necessary.

Do Not Drive in Poor Weather

Some people think it’s impressive to be able to navigate tough weather conditions successfully. While there are some situations that might be passable, it is important for people to understand their limits and not test mother nature. If the visibility is zero outside, do not attempt to drive on the roads. If the tires don’t have appropriate traction, do not go out on the roads. Even when out on the roads, if the weather gets worse and the conditions are intractable, pull off and take a break. Arriving at a destination on time is never worth risking the safety of those in the vehicle.

For those who are involved in a motor vehicle accident in Wisconsin, medical injuries can result from the smallest of car accidents and bills can pile up. Contact an experienced legal professional for assistance.


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