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Why tailgating is so much more dangerous than people believe

Chances are good that as you made your way to work or school this morning, you observed some less than impressive -- and downright dangerous -- behavior by your fellow motorists from speeding and running red lights to texting and talking on smartphones.

Shot up F-150 leads police to drugs, Milwaukee rapper arrested

On Jan. 21, police found a stolen F-150 on the side of Vliet Street. There were bullet casings near the vehicle, and the driver's side had bullet marks. The owner of the truck reported it stolen in December and the license plate on it wasn't the correct plate. Police note that drug dealers often switch license plates when they drive a stolen vehicle to try to throw police officers off. 

Preventing motor vehicle accidents by stopping aggressive driving

It is especially tragic when a car accident occurs due to preventable factors, such as dangerous driving. Motor vehicle accidents that are caused by some form of aggressive driving often result in serious injuries or fatalities, which is why Wisconsin police are cracking down on these drivers. One of the ways that they intend to combat this is by writing more tickets for speeding.

Study: Symptom-free concussion patients present elevated accident risk

One of the most significant developments to take place in sports over the last several years didn't play out on the field, the court or the rink, but rather in research labs and doctor's offices.

Understanding what the law has to say about slip, trip and fall accidents -- II

In a previous post, we began discussing how even though we take it for granted that the owners or possessors of commercial or residential property will do everything in their power to ensure the premises is safe, this is often not the case, and it's the customers and guests who end up paying the price in the form of serious bodily injuries.

What are the punishments for sexual assault in Wisconsin?

Being charged with sexual assault can be shocking and life-changing. You run the risk of major jail time, large fines, and getting put on the sexual offender registry. However, the court doesn't treat all sexual assault cases the same in Wisconsin. It is important to determine what applies in your case, so you know what to expect in court.

Understanding Wisconsin's drug possession laws -- II

In a previous post, we began discussing how drug possession charges can prove to be incredibly stressful for people from all walks of life given the possibility that a conviction could result in everything from incarceration and fines to a criminal record and tarnished reputation.

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