Shot up F-150 leads police to drugs, Milwaukee rapper arrested

On Jan. 21, police found a stolen F-150 on the side of Vliet Street. There were bullet casings near the vehicle, and the driver's side had bullet marks. The owner of the truck reported it stolen in December and the license plate on it wasn't the correct plate. Police note that drug dealers often switch license plates when they drive a stolen vehicle to try to throw police officers off. 

Inside the vehicle

The 20-year-old Milwaukee rapper wasn't in the vehicle. Police found evidence that linked him to the truck, including his fingerprints. There was a claim ticket in the truck with the rapper's phone number, as well as his stage name, "Montana." The glove box contained 29 copies of his album. Police also found a bullet proof vest, heroin, cocaine and Lactose powder in the vehicle. Even with this alleged evidence, the rapper might still opt to fight against the charges.

Charges leveled

Montana is facing a slew of charges in connection with this incident, as well as others. He has three counts of felony bail jumping from prior cases. He is also facing a count of possession with intent to deliver cocaine in more than one to five grams, a count of possession with intent to deliver heroin greater than three to 10 grams and operating a vehicle without consent in connection with this incident.

Drug crime defense

Anyone who is facing drug charges must be ready to battle against them. The last thing you need is for your entire future to be cut short simply because you needed to make fast money in the drug game. As soon as you find out you are facing charges, you must get to work.

Learn about the case prosecutors are mounting against you. Find out what options you have for a defense strategy. Explore plea deals or sentencing alternatives to determine if any are suitable for your case. Once you have all this information, you and your criminal defense attorney can decide your best course of action.

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