Should my child fight drug charges? Yes

There is nothing you wouldn't do to give your children the best chance they can have at a good life or ideal opportunities. But what about tough love? If your children face drug charges, is it fair to let them suffer the consequences?

Of course, all parents must establish their own child-rearing policies - but from a legal standpoint, fighting drug charges is always advisable. Unfortunately, drug charges often bring with them harsh sentencing that in no way fits the nature of even a legitimate offense.

Beyond that, however, there are many circumstances where your child may actually not be guilty of the charges.

Defending against drug charges is just as much about seeking justice in the moment as it is about retaining options in the future instead of seeing your child's options dwindle quickly.

Drug convictions can change your child's entire life

More so than any other nonviolent crime, drug convictions lead overwhelmingly to jail time and difficulty living a normal life.

The harsh reality is that many employers will automatically disqualify applicants who have a drug crime on their record. By allowing drug charges to go unchallenged, your child loses a huge part of his or her employability for a long, long time.

Similarly, drug convictions can make it very difficult to find an apartment to rent. Most property managers automatically deny any rental applicants whose records feature drug charges. This greatly diminishes your children's options for where they can live, often leaving them very few good options.

Drug convictions can affect other surprising areas of a person's life, many years after the fact. For instance, let's assume your child is in a rough patch now, but comes out of it like most kids do. Several years later, he or she has turned life around, settled down with a partner, and has decided that he or she wants to adopt or foster a child. A drug conviction can disqualify your son or daughter from doing so, even if he or she meets all the other requirements.

Get the help you need to protect your child's future

Do not wait around to protect your child's future. Even if you believe that your child is guilty of the charges, the penalties are beyond harsh in the area of the law.

With proper legal guidance, you and your child can evaluate the nuances of the situation and develop a detailed, personal strategy for ensuring that the court will fairly hear your child's case. An experienced attorney will fight for your child's future and protect his or her rights.

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