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Pew Research: The Tide In Federal Prosecutions About To Change

Every so often, media outlets in Wisconsin and throughout the country produce reports covering the incarceration rate in the United States. Most stories agree that no other country jails as many people per capita then here at home. Data released late last year from the Bureau of Justice Statistics indicates a trend developed had in recent years toward a reduced prison population. At the end of 2015, roughly 2.7 percent of the adult population was under some form of correctional supervision, the lowest rate recorded since 1994. But the raw numbers remain staggering -- 6,741,400 individuals were either being held in jail, in prison or on some form of probationary supervision.

How long does your phone keep you distracted? Start counting …

When it comes to dangerous driving practices, there's no denying that many people are simply in denial. For example, some might attempt to justify speeding by claiming that they're only doing it to keep up with traffic, impaired driving by offering that they never consume more than they can handle, or driving distracted by arguing that "everyone else is doing it."

Proposal would see those caught using skimmers facing serious penalties

Chances are good that when you stop to fill up your tank, you don't give a second thought to using your credit card to pay at the pump, as it spares you from having to make the long -- and frequently cold -- walk into the gas station only to stand in line or wait for the cashier to finally materialize.

Proceed with caution: The truth about aggressive drivers

If you live in a major metropolitan area like Milwaukee, there's no denying that the commute to work or school may be one of the most frustrating aspects of your entire day. Indeed, it often seems as if your efforts to make it in on time are inevitably stymied by everything from stalled vehicles and inclement weather to road construction and like-minded motorists.

Should you settle your personal injury case out of court?

It is not uncommon for legal claims regarding accidents or injuries to never see the inside of the courtroom. Resolving the litigation process earlier is typical in these types of cases. Sometimes, people can complete an informal settlement before attorneys start filing lawsuits.

Is Wisconsin's civil asset forfeiture system heading for major reform?

When a person hears the term civil asset forfeiture, the first thing that may come to their mind may be the idea of having to give up some piece of property to satisfy a judgment handed down in some type of civil lawsuit. While this is a good guess, it's actually something far different and far more disconcerting.

5 things you must know about motorcycle accidents

The spring-like temperatures that keep coming and going are a time when motorcycle riders come out to enjoy some time on the open road. All drivers on the road should take an interest in keeping everyone on the roads safe. Motorcycles present a special concern since these vehicles are open and the driver takes the brunt of any impact. Knowing some basic points about these accidents can help injured parties determine a course of action following the accident.

Getting Slip & Fall Medical Expenses Paid Even with Posted Signs

Slip and fall accidents can lead to huge medical expenses that may fall onto the head of the victim, adding insult to injury. Slip and fall incidents are one of the most common cases that lawyers work. A good lawyer knows that even if yellow and orange warning signs were posted, there are still some circumstances where the establishment could have been negligent and you could collect your medical expenses.

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