5 Things You Must Know about Motorcycle Accidents

The spring-like temperatures that keep coming and going are a time when motorcycle riders come out to enjoy some time on the open road. All drivers on the road should take an interest in keeping everyone on the roads safe. Motorcycles present a special concern since these vehicles are open and the driver takes the brunt of any impact. Knowing some basic points about these accidents can help injured parties determine a course of action following the accident.

#1: Motorcyclists aren’t always at fault

Other drivers cause many of the accidents involving motorcycles on roadways. Around two-thirds of fatal motorcycle accidents that involve another vehicle are due to the other driver not yielding right of way to the motorcycle.

#2: Serious injuries can occur

Motorcyclists don’t have a protective frame around them. This means that they can suffer more serious injuries than people in other vehicles. In fact, motorcyclists are five times more likely to suffer an injury in an accident. Fatalities aren’t out of the question either. Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a motorcycle crash.

#3: Some crashes aren’t caused by the motorcyclists or another driver

Road hazards and defects with the motorcycle cause some crashes. In these cases, the fault wouldn’t lie with the other driver or the motorcyclist. Instead, the fault could be with a government entity or a manufacturer.

#4: It is possible to avoid some accidents

Beginning motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in an accident than motorcyclists who have been riding for a while. Taking evasive action, including riding on the shoulder when necessary, might prevent some accidents. Experience plays a big part in deciding what evasive actions are appropriate for any given situation.

#5: Compensation is possible

The first thing you should do after a motorcycle crash is get the medical attention you need. Even if you don’t feel injured, you should be evaluated. There is a chance that adrenaline might mask the injuries. When you seek compensation for the injuries, you can use the medical records to show the relationship between the motorcycle accident and your injuries. This is an important consideration in compensation claims.


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