Getting Slip & Fall Medical Expenses Paid Even With Posted Signs

Slip and fall accidents can lead to huge medical expenses that may fall onto the head of the victim, adding insult to injury. Slip and fall incidents are one of the most common cases that lawyers work. A good lawyer knows that even if yellow and orange warning signs were posted, there are still some circumstances where the establishment could have been negligent and you could collect your medical expenses.

The mere fact that a sign was posted does not mean that the store has no more responsibility for your safety. If the signs were not properly placed, you may not have been adequately informed of the hazard. In situations where signs are placed too far away from the entryway, customers may not have been able to see it before entering a hazardous area. A proper warning should be visible before an incident, not after!

Every person who may be at risk of injury due to a hazard should be able to see warning signs. If an establishment simply throws signs up in a disorderly fashion, a proper warning is not present and that may be their responsibility.

This doesn’t only apply to stores, schools, and office buildings. Public parks, sidewalks, and other public areas should also be properly maintained. Though a slip and fall is a difficult case to determine liability in, having the most information possible is almost as important as having a quality lawyer on your side. All angles of an incident must be examined before you can know for sure that your medical expenses are someone else’s responsibility. Consult an attorney today to get the money you deserve. Nobody should have to suffer through a slip and fall without having proper legal protection. 


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