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Proposed bill calls for major changes in handling of body camera footage

Over the last several years, an increasing number of law enforcement agencies here in Wisconsin and across the nation have adopted policies requiring officers to be outfitted with body cameras that record any interaction with the public.

Can you pass the test when it comes to traffic signals?

When it comes to the operation of a motor vehicle, everyone thinks that they would fall into the category of being a "good driver." While this would seem like a purely subjective classification, it could perhaps be argued that there are actually objective ways to make this determination.

Junk science in the criminal system

If you watch the legal dramas on television, then it's likely you've seen your favorite legal team win again and again with evidence that involved forensic science. Forensic scientists take the evidence gathered at a crime scene by investigators and proceed with a chemical and physical analysis of that evidence. To determine the class and individual characteristics of the evidence, scientists use scientific and mathematical principles and complex instruments. Scientists then often provide scientific facts (or what is perceived to be) during testimony of a civil or criminal case.

Assembly passes package of bills to combat state's opioid epidemic

Like every other state, Wisconsin has seen the number of overdoses, fatalities and arrests related to opioids skyrocket in recent years. Furthermore, much like its counterparts, Wisconsin has also struggled to find a way to combat what has clearly become a public health crisis.

Why you can't afford to dismiss battery charges -- II

Last month, our blog began discussing how even the most seemingly minor physical altercations can have serious consequences in that one person, simply wanting to put the matter behind them or dismiss it as nothing, may nevertheless find themselves placed under arrest for misdemeanor battery.   

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