Can You Pass the Test When It Comes to Traffic Signals?

When it comes to the operation of a motor vehicle, everyone thinks that they would fall into the category of being a “good driver.” While this would seem like a purely subjective classification, it could perhaps be argued that there are actually objective ways to make this determination.

Indeed, a person’s driving record could be examined for a history of traffic citations and/or accidents. Alternatively, a person could be quizzed on the rules of the road to see how much they really know about safe driving.

On the topic of traffic signals, anyone quizzed might think there’s not much more to it than green means go, yellow means slow down, and red means stop. While there’s no arguing that this is true, those who consider themselves “good drivers” would understand that there is more to traffic signals.

Green light limitations

While it’s true that a green light means traffic can proceed through the intersection, or execute right and left turns (absent signage indicating otherwise), it’s also true that the right of way must still be yielded to other vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians lawfully within the crosswalk.

Right turns on a red light

Everyone knows that you can make a right turn into the nearest lane on a red light if oncoming traffic is clear.

What everyone might not know, however, is that thanks to the passage of a recent law, traffic stopped at intersections with two dedicated right turn lanes can make turns on red lights from both lanes absent signage indicating otherwise and, of course, yielding the right of way.

Flashing lights

This always seems to be a confusing issue for many drivers given that flashing lights come in two colors: red and yellow.

Flashing red lights are to be treated as a stop sign, such that traffic has to come to a complete stop before proceeding through the intersection. Flashing yellow lights, however mean that traffic can proceed through the intersection without stopping — but with the necessary caution.

Are you a good driver?

Always remember that if you have been seriously injured in an accident caused by the reckless actions of another that you have rights and you have options for seeking justice.


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