WISDOT: May 2017 Was Second Safest on Record Post-WWII

As we’ve made clear in recent posts, we are entering an especially dangerous time of the year in terms of motor vehicle accidents, as there are simply more people on the road at all hours of the day owing to everything from vacations and spring break to favorable weather conditions.

Given this reality, one would expect that any fatality figures from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the month of May — which also includes both graduation season and Memorial Day weekend — could be particularly discouraging. However, the most recent data suggests that we might be on our way to a safer summer driving season.

WisDOT indicated there were 45 motor vehicle-related fatalities last month, which is ten fewer fatalities than May 2016 and three fewer fatalities than the five-year average.

To put this in perspective, this was the second safest May on record post-World War II, with May 2013 being the safest (32 fatalities) and May 1968 being the deadliest (123 fatalities).

Overall, WisDOT indicated that there have been 203 fatalities on the roads and highways during the first five months of the year, including 13 motorcyclists and 27 pedestrians. This is 13 fewer than the same time last year, but also 13 more than the five-year average.

In order to continue May’s trend of lower fatal crashes, WisDOT officials are urging motorists to reduce distractions, wear their seat belt, obey the speed limit, drive alert and avoid intoxicating substances.

As an aside, it’s also worth noting that they are also advising motorists to be on the lookout for deer during the month of June.

While most people associate this risk with the autumn months, officials indicate that deer activity typically spikes in June as does search for places to give birth and younger deer are going off on their own. Indeed, June has ranked as either the second-worst or the worst month for deer-related crashes in each of the last five years.

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