Authorities Searching for 2 Accused of Drug Crimes

Police say they suspect that two people for whom they are searching are on the run somewhere in Wisconsin. Seven people total were indicted regarding the drug crimes situation. Authorities claim the group was involved in a large-scale methamphetamine operation.

Investigators say they seized twice the amount of the drug as the Brown County Sheriff’s Office confiscated in all of 2016. That would be about 10 pounds of methamphetamine, reportedly worth close to a half-million dollars on the street. One of the officers said marijuana, heroin, and LSD were seized as well.

If the court hands down convictions, each individual affected could be sentenced from five to 42 years behind bars. Processing seven separate court cases take time, and each person will want to build as strong a defense as possible in the hope of preserving his freedom. The penalties for conviction of such serious drug charges would no doubt be quite severe.

A Wisconsin criminal defense attorney is able to assist anyone formally accused of drug crimes in this state. Various options may be available according to individual circumstances as no two situations are exactly the same. Regardless of the particular details of a person’s circumstances, an experienced attorney always has the best interests of the client at heart when pursuing any strategy believed necessary to combat the tactics of an aggressive prosecutor. Avoiding conviction may be possible, but even in situations where it’s not, acting alongside experienced representation can make the difference between securing a lighter sentence or incurring the maximum term allowed by law.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, “2 of 7 Indicted in Large-Scale Drug Bust at Large“, July 21, 2017


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