How to Keep Fighting Drug Charges Even in the Courtroom

Despite the fact that Wisconsin maintains legal exceptions for medical marijuana, the laws here are still firmly against buying, cultivating, selling and consuming the drug without special permission. While some states may take a more aggressive approach to prosecuting drug crimes, drug charges remain a serious issue for thousands of individuals throughout the country each year.

Any time you or someone you know receives drug charges, you must fight them quickly and fiercely. The penalties for drug crimes, even relatively small ones, are incredibly unfair, but that’s not where the trouble ends. Many individuals who get convicted of drug crimes serve their sentences only to find that life on the other side of that sentence is much more difficult.

Need to rent an apartment? Good luck with that. Many rental management companies do not rent property to individuals with drug convictions as a matter of policy. Need a job? This too could prove difficult. Many employers, especially those offering entry-level positions, remove applications from individuals with drug charges and simply never interview them.

Once you have a drug conviction on your record, you may carry the weight of it for a long time. It is wise to mount a strong defense against the charges as soon as you can. After all, the prosecution begins building its case against you immediately, and the longer you wait to begin, the longer the prosecution has to build a case without any interference.

How do I fight drug charges once I receive them?

There are a number of tactics available to fight drug charges, depending on the nature of the allegations against you. In general, if you want to fight criminal charges, it is wise to enlist the representation of an experienced defense attorney.

A skilled defense attorney not only takes the time to learn the facts of the case and identify weaknesses in the prosecution but can help you understand your rights under the law and help you protect them.

You may fight charges by protesting some aspect of the conduct of the officer who arrested you. It is possible that the officer violated your constitutional rights when giving you the charges, if he or she did not follow proper protocols.

If the case moves to the courtroom

An attorney may also identify different motions you can file or other legal actions you can take to impede the prosecution. The longer you wait to begin fighting with all the tools you have, the fewer options you generally have.

One such possibility is to insist that any drugs involved in your case that the police seized as evidence be tested by a laboratory to determine its exact composition. In doing so, you force the prosecution to both produce the evidence and prove that it matches the allegations against you.

If the prosecution cannot produce the evidence, or if the substance does not match the allegations, you gain more leverage in the fight.

If you do face drug charges, be sure to build your defense as soon as you can. Your future and freedom depend on the actions you take now.


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