Sex Crimes Alleged in Woman’s Ambulance Ride to Hospital

Proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in sex crimes cases in Wisconsin can be difficult, depending on the circumstances. Where there is clear witness testimony, the defendant may have little or no viable defense to present. When the witness testimony regarding sex crimes is unclear or otherwise skewed, there may be a reasonable doubt about the guilt of the accused.

A recent Wisconsin case will not involve identification issues with respect to the accused. The police arrested a Wausau firefighter and paramedic on allegations that he sexually assaulted a patient in a fire department ambulance that was on its way to the hospital. The 29-year-old woman reported that the accused groped her genitals and sucked on her breasts during the trip to the hospital, according to police.

The accused, a 32-year-old male, was placed on administrative leave. Authorities say that they conducted DNA tests and found proof of the man’s DNA on the woman. Police charged him with felony sexual assault and misconduct in public office. The punishment for such allegations could consist of a significant period of incarceration.

Defense counsel will want to investigate the woman’s version of what happened to see if the allegations are consistent with reality. It may be possible that the accused could have gotten DNA on a patient if he had been administering medicine or treatment to her during the trip to the hospital. It is not known what the woman’s health condition was or why she was being taken to the hospital. Her mental and emotional condition and prior history could also be relevant to her credibility in making such charges. Therefore, investigating the facts and surrounding details may be important toward determining if the accused has a viable defense under Wisconsin law to the sex crimes charged.

Source:, “Paramedic arrested for sexual assault on woman in ambulance“, Jackie Salo, Sept. 27, 2017


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