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Woman sentenced for drug crimes following another person's death

A number of deaths in Wisconsin are later determined to have been related to illegal drug use. In some situations, such as a recent case where a woman has since been sentenced for drug crimes, charges may be filed against one or more parties if they are believed to have been responsible for the deaths in some way. In this particular situation, the woman in question has been sentenced to six months in jail.

Some motor vehicle accidents occur during police chases

A man in Wisconsin who was out of jail on bail regarding a third offense drunk driving issue recently exacerbated his situation by becoming involved in a police chase. He was involved in several motor vehicle accidents, one of which resulted in injury to another person. It is often quite difficult to overcome charges that are filed in such circumstances.

Two men accused of violent crimes against U.S. military veteran

An incident took place at a home in Wisconsin that has led to two men being placed behind bars. Both are charged with violent crimes against an elderly U.S. marine veteran who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The men are accused of entering the veteran's home, stealing $160 from him and taking his life.

Who pays medical bills for slip-and-fall accidents?

Sometimes you might be at risk for injury simply from venturing outside your own home, perhaps to a Wisconsin shopping mall or even to a company picnic or private party at the home of an acquaintance. When you step foot on another person's property, the owner of that property is obligated to make sure it is kept in safe condition to help any and all guests to the property to avoid injury. Slip-and-fall accidents can occur when property owners fail to fulfill their responsibilities.

Police search Wisconsin home, charges for drug crimes follow

Police say they received a report about someone yelling at a particular Wisconsin residence on a recent Tuesday. Authorities also claim they were informed of suspected illegal drug activity at the same location. A police officer says he saw a woman that he knew had used drugs in the past and followed her to the home to investigate possible drug crimes.

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