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Who is financially accountable for slip-and-fall accidents?

Just because someone walking on a sidewalk in Wisconsin trips, falls and sprains an ankle, does not necessarily mean another party is liable for the injury. However, it may well be if the owner of the property where the accident occurred was negligent in some way. Property owners in this state and others are obligated to try to prevent slip-and-fall accidents by properly maintaining their grounds and keeping them as safe as possible for pedestrians.

Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents often prompt highway shutdowns

All traffic was forced to come to an abrupt halt on a recent Tuesday on Highway 51 in Wisconsin. The cause of the multiple lane shutdown was a two-car collision. The crash resulted in injury to more than one person. Motor vehicle accidents like this one often have long-lasting consequences.

Man convicted of violent crimes attacked at sentencing hearing

In 2015, a man in Wisconsin was murdered. The man accused of the violent crimes reportedly went into hiding but was later apprehended by police. He then sought a speedy trial, as was his right, and was released on a signature bond after the court did not comply with his request for a speedy trial within 90 days.

Do you understand robbery and burglary charges?

If you recently received property crime charges, the time to begin building your legal defense is now. Your prosecutor is already building the case against you, and without a strong legal defense to protect your rights and your privileges, you may suffer significant consequences that affect every area of your life.

Police make arrests on suspicion of drug crimes in Wisconsin

It's often impossible to predict when life is going to take a sudden turn and one's personal circumstances are going to be impacted by a particular change in events. Several people in Wisconsin can likely relate to such matters because a recent Thursday morning landed them all in jail. Chances are, their day may have started much like any other, but things sure changed when police showed up at their door and later accused them of drug crimes.

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