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Wisconsin man says police coerced his violent crimes confession

Netflix viewers who watch "Making of a Murderer" may be familiar with a particular case that is currently being appealed post-conviction. A 28-year-old man, who was 16 when certain violent crimes were committed, says his confession to those crimes was coerced. Although tried separately, he and his uncle were both convicted and remain in Wisconsin prisons at this time.

Recent Wisconsin motor vehicle accident resulted in fatality

Anyone who frequents Wisconsin highways during lunch hour knows how busy and chaotic traffic patterns can be. Even when one driver is alert and cautious behind the wheel, another motorist's negligence can wreak havoc on the roadway. A recent motor vehicle accident near Boyceville occurred just after 12:30 p.m.

When should police read me my Miranda rights?

Most people in America have at least a passing familiarity with their Miranda rights from their frequent use in television and pop culture. However, beyond knowing that they have the right to remain silent and have the right to an attorney, many people do not understand exactly when an officer must read them their Miranda rights.

Focus on opiate addiction means those who sell pills have a lot to risk

For many years, the thriving secondary market for prescription pills across the country was an open secret. Many people knew or understood that some prescription medication ended up sold and used in illegal manners, but few people concerned themselves with this issue. In the last few years, however, a steep increase in the number of reported deaths related to opioid, opiate, and heroin abuse and overdoses has skyrocketed.

Seeking justice following motor vehicle accidents in Wisconsin

Regardless of how alert and cautious you are behind the wheel, you can never predict what another motorist might do. It's no secret that Wisconsin roadways often include drunk drivers and others who are reckless or negligent behind the wheel. Irresponsible drivers place others at risk for injury when their actions lead to motor vehicle accidents.

Wisconsin police make several arrests for alleged drug crimes

Wisconsin police sometimes use covert tactics in their investigations. When drug crimes are suspected, undercover work often includes attempts to purchase or actual purchases of substances investigators believe to illegal drugs. Everything in this type of police action is officially controlled, including the money used to make a supposed drug buy.

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