Recent Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accident Resulted in Fatality

Anyone who frequents Wisconsin highways during lunch hour knows how busy and chaotic traffic patterns can be. Even when one driver is alert and cautious behind the wheel, another motorist’s negligence can wreak havoc on the roadway. A recent motor vehicle accident near Boyceville occurred just after 12:30 p.m.

A 54-year-old woman and her 19-year-old daughter were traveling together on State Highway 79. Their sports utility vehicle was said to have been moving in a southbound lane at the time. Whatever the two women may have had planned for their afternoon was brought to an abrupt halt when a northbound vehicle reportedly crossed over the yellow traffic line and crashed into their SUV.

A 47-year-old man was behind the wheel of the Kia that struck the ladies’ car. The Wisconsin State Patrol responded to the accident scene and investigated the incident. Police listed driver intoxication as a possible cause in the incident. Sadly, a medical examiner reported that the woman who had been driving the southbound vehicle did not survive her injuries.

Her daughter was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that were not considered life-threatening, as was the man who is believed to have caused the accident. Post motor vehicle accident reports suggest that criminal charges are likely to be filed against the man. When a Wisconsin driver’s negligence causes another person’s death or serious injury, a recovering victim or family member of a deceased victim may file legal claims in civil court to seek restitution for documented financial losses.

Source:, “Boyceville woman dies in head-on crash”, Barbara Lyon, Accessed on Feb. 12, 2018


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