How to Get Justice Following Motor Vehicle Accidents in Wisconsin

Regardless of how alert and cautious you are behind the wheel, you can never predict what another motorist might do. It’s no secret that Wisconsin roadways often include drunk drivers and others who are reckless or negligent behind the wheel. Irresponsible drivers place others at risk for injury when their actions lead to motor vehicle accidents.

When you set out for work each day, or take to the road to run errands, attend social gatherings or travel on vacation, you have the right to reasonably expect that motorists in your vicinity will adhere to all traffic laws and regulations. Since laws vary by state, it’s crucial to check them ahead of time in the state where you’ll be driving. It’s also helpful to know the signs of distracted driving, driver intoxication and other potential hazards on the road.

Even if you spot a possible problem driver, you may not be able to react safely and quickly enough to avoid a collision. Should you land in the hospital because another driver failed to stop at a red light or otherwise acted negligently, you can seek legal accountability against the party deemed responsible. When compensation is sought for damages following motor vehicle crashes, the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff.

This is why it’s so important to gather as much evidence and document as many details as possible regarding the events leading up to and following the collision that caused you injury. The Law Offices of Robert A. Levine, in Wisconsin, are experienced in litigating complex, high-stakes personal injury cases. Our aggressive litigation efforts have often led to successful jury verdicts and settlements for clients seeking restitution following motor vehicle accidents throughout the state.


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