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Wisconsin police say kids were present when drug crimes occurred

When staying at a Wisconsin hotel or similar lodging in another state, guests must adhere to all safety regulations associated with the establishment. Sometimes, police are called to an inn or hotel, and sometimes they just decide to show up if they've received information they believe might lead them to make an arrest. The latter is what happened at a hotel in Sparta on a recent Tuesday where police say several drug crimes were committed.

Who is liable for slip and fall accidents?

As a Wisconsin property owner, you are obligated to make sure the outside and inside of your business or home are safe for those who visit you or patronize your shop. Similarly, when you enter a store, government building or another person's private residence, the owner or landlord of the property must inform you of any possible hazards that may be present at the time, such as debris that could cause slip and fall accidents. If something happens to cause you injury, and you learn that the property owner knew of the issue but never told you or did anything to remove the danger, that person may be legally liable for your injury.

Growing marijuana in Wisconsin is a very serious offense

For those who have a need or desire for marijuana, growing the plant themselves may seem like a the best option for the situation. Not buying it means avoiding the dangerous unregulated market and keeps potential profits out of the hands of drug cartels, gangs and other criminal elements. It also means the person growing it knows what fertilizers and other chemicals helped grow the plant.

Driver distraction causes many Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents

While it's true that drunk drivers are menaces to all who share their roadways in Wisconsin and all other states, alcohol is not always a causal factor of collision. Some motor vehicle accidents occur because of distracted driving, poor road conditions or any number of other issues. A recent crash that occurred on a Wednesday near Cottage Grove involved two cars, and resulted in injury and a fatality.

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