How to Avoid Getting into a Motorcycle Accident

It’s impossible to bulletproof yourself against getting into a serious motorcycle accident, but there are certain things that every motorcyclist should do to stay as safe as possible on the road.

What follows are a few safety tips. If you’re a Milwaukee biker, you’re advised to read these tips and follow them to the letter. They just might save your life.

Be a defensive motorcycle rider

Being a defensive motorcycle rider means you don’t take risks, you don’t tailgate, you don’t speed and you follow all of the rules of the road. The safest bikers never assume that other drivers can see them or that they will follow the rules of the road. A cautious biker is more capable of avoiding a crash.

Learn how to brake and take corners safely

Motorcyclists should practice braking and cornering in empty parking lots so that they can get the feel for their bikes and how they handle. To assist in learning how to brake and corner safely, a motorcycle safety course can also help a great deal. Consider taking such a course at least once a year to brush up on new safety skills.

Buy a bike that fits you

If you can’t handle your bike because it’s too big for you, you shouldn’t be riding it. If your bike is too heavy, it’s unsafe. Remember — if you can’t pick it up after it falls over or can’t push it, you might want to consider trading it in for a different model.

Be considerate to other drivers on the road

Many motorcyclists have died in road rage incidents. Angering a motorist is always a risk because of how exposed and vulnerable motorcyclists are. If the vehicle driver loses his or her temper and decides to tailgate you or race you, it could put your life at risk.

Were you hurt by an unlawful or negligent driver?

Motorcyclists hurt by unlawful, negligent or reckless drivers have legal rights and options. In some cases, injured bikers can hold the at-fault drivers financially accountable for the costs associated with their injuries.


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