What to do if Facing Drug Charges Related to Prescription Drugs

Just because Wisconsin prosecutors charge someone with a crime does not necessarily mean that a person is destined to spend time in prison. Not all drug crimes charges lead to convictions. In fact, many cases, including some involving charges related to prescription drugs, never even make it to trial.

Doctors across the country write prescriptions for various types of opioids, central nervous system depressants or stimulants as they see fit. These drugs are often credited as tremendous pain relievers or valuable tools that help patients alleviate other types of symptoms, such as anxiety or sleep deprivation. The problem is that many prescription drugs place people at high risk for addiction.

Addiction often leads a person to say or do things he or she wouldn’t otherwise say or do under normal circumstances. Addiction involves a perceived need for a drug, which often creates an insatiable desire for more. Sometimes, a person craving a narcotic, stimulant or other addictive substance will engage in illegal activities just to get his or her hands on some or to get money to buy drugs.

Oxycodone, Xanax and Adderall are three of the most commonly abused types of prescription drugs. If a person stands accused of drug crimes because of one or more prescription medications, it may be quite challenging to come up with a strong enough defense to avoid conviction. An experienced Wisconsin criminal law attorney can help a defendant determine which defense option may be most likely to help minimize his or her circumstances and achieve a favorable outcome.


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