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Motor vehicle accidents: Tragedy strikes Wisconsin family

Like many Wisconsin families do during summer, one family went to a local ice-cream shop on recent Saturday evening. This particular family having no way of knowing that their lives were about to be changed forever. As often happens when serious motor vehicle accidents occur, the family is grieving the loss of one of its youngest members. The investigation of the events leading up to the devastating crash remains ongoing at this time.  

Bikers: Brush up on safety precautions before your next ride

It's summer, and the sun is shining. The days are warm and sunlight sticks around, making the day longer. You love this time of year because it means you get to break out your motorcycle. In fact, you have a few poker-runs planned and hope to participate in a couple of various charity events scheduled throughout Wisconsin.

Man arrested for drug crimes in Wisconsin also wanted for murder

Wisconsin police often run background checks on people before arresting them. Doing so often leads to information regarding warrants for arrest, sometimes in the same state, other times elsewhere. This is what reportedly happened during a recent drug crimes arrest, where several people were taken into custody, one of whom is suspected of murder in another state.  

Motor vehicle accidents especially tragic when no one survives

No Wisconsin motorist is immune to collisions when navigating state roadways. However, when drivers are alert and cautious behind their wheels and adhere to all traffic and safety regulations, they increase their chances of safely arriving to their destinations. When drivers are negligent or reckless, motor vehicle accidents are more likely to occur. Accidents involving fatalities are especially tragic.  

Possible outcomes for marijuana possession cases in Wisconsin

The public debate over marijuana possession shows that many people across the country have relaxed their views concerning recreational marijuana. Some states have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. Wisconsin lawmakers have not directly legalized pot for recreational use, but, the issue is slated for the ballot in November for Milwaukee County.

Summertime is a dangerous time for teenage drivers

Two teenagers were killed last week in a car crash in Florence County, Wisconsin. The two 16-year-olds were driving down a county highway when the driver crossed the center line while trying to make a turn. The vehicle then went off the roadway and a hit a tree, bursting into flames.

Intersections risky areas re Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents

Navigating crossroads in Wisconsin can be quite challenging, especially if more than one other vehicle is preparing to enter the roadway at the same time. While safety in most situations like this hinges upon each driver adhering to traffic regulations, motor vehicle accidents can occur if even one motorist is negligent. For instance, when an intersection is secured with traffic lights, risk for collision increases if someone fails to stop at a red light.

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses Wisconsin "Making A Murderer" Case

Perhaps there is no worse time to make the mistake of going without representation than when a juvenile is at issue. "Just telling it like it is," unfortunately, is the defense strategy of choice for far too many people. Do not the mistake of thinking, "Well, the truth will out in the end." Not every case gets the review it deserves, even if you are, indeed, innocent, but found guilty.

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