Why Curved Roads Present High Risk for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people in Wisconsin are motorcycle enthusiasts. Especially in summer months, it is quite common to see motorcyclists in traffic on state roadways. Since operators are more exposed than drivers behind the wheels of cars or other enclosed vehicles, the risk for injury is high when motor vehicle accidents involve motorcycles.

A tragic incident occurred on a recent Saturday afternoon. Three motorcycles were involved in a chain-reaction crash that resulted in a fatality, as well as injuries to two other people. This situation is an example of how dangerous curved roads can be when numerous motorcyclists are traveling together.

One of the riders in the group of three somehow lost control of his steering as he rounded a bend. Even while traveling at moderate speeds, it is not always possible for nearby motorists to react quickly and safely enough to avoid collision in such circumstances. Moments after the one driver’s motorcycle careened out of control, it crashed into the other two riders.

Upon impact, all three drivers were ejected from their seats. As per protocol in Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury or death, an investigation was activated to determine what exactly may have caused the first rider to lose control of his steering. Situations like this often prompt litigation when recovering victims or families of deceased victims file personal injury or wrongful death claims in court to seek recovery of their economic losses and to seek legal accountability against anyone deemed negligent in the accidents that caused them to suffer.


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