Why Some Motor Vehicle Accidents Happen After Midnight

After 1 a.m., it is logical to assume that there might be less traffic on an average Wisconsin roadway. Then again, some people prefer traveling in the wee hours of the morning so they can reach their destinations before the sun comes up. On a recent Saturday, there were three motorcycles and a car-sharing the same stretch of road at around that time when tragedy struck. Investigations remain ongoing regarding two motor vehicle accidents that occurred only moments apart.

The first impact was felt when two of the motorcycles crashed into one another. In the near aftermath of the collision, a pickup truck reportedly stopped at the scene. Shortly after, another approaching motorcycle apparently tried to avoid hitting the wrecked motorcycles, but it wound up crashing into the pickup truck.

It is not uncommon for motor vehicle accident victims to need trauma unit medical care following such incidents. On the day in question, however, it happened to have been quite foggy, making it impossible to dispatch helicopters to the scene. Thankfully, other rescue workers were able to get numerous victims to nearby trauma centers by other means.

Many Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents are caused by drivers who fail to observe traffic and safety regulations. When driver negligence results in injury to another person, that person may seek compensation for damages in a civil court. If the court rules in a victim’s favor, monies obtained may be used to offset medical expenses and other financial losses associated with the crash.


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