Why Fall Season Brings Dangerous Road Conditions in Wisconsin

The fall season can be one of the most dangerous times to be on the roads of Wisconsin. Why? There are so many hazards that drivers can come across at any point throughout the day or night. Today, we will take a look at why driving during the fall can be so dangerous for drivers of all experience levels.

For starters, fog plays a major role in accidents during autumn in Wisconsin. Fog can roll in overnight, at dawn and at dusk. Fog doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly thick to cause an accident. Many drivers have trouble seeing pedestrians, other drivers and animals when it is foggy.

Animals are also more active during the fall season, especially deer. If it seems like you’ve seen more deer than usual on the side of the road right now, you aren’t imagining it. In the fall, deer are looking for food, changing where they live and mating. Their activity levels are much higher this time of year than at other times.

The changing leaves on the trees throughout Milwaukee are beautiful to look at but are very dangerous when they hit the ground. Leaves can cause car accidents, especially when they are wet.

Other fall season dangers include frost on car windows and roads, potholes, construction zones and school buses. With school back in session, there are more vehicles on the roads, and more pedestrians around the school zones and buses to contend with!

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be overwhelming and can change your life in an instant. Knowing what hazards to be on the lookout for during the fall season can make your commute easier and keep you safer.


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