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Is anyone responsible for ice-skating injuries?

If you slip and fall, there is a chance that you might get seriously hurt. It is normal for people who slip and fall to end up hitting their heads. Some people try to catch themselves and break their arms. In other circumstances, there could be risks of lacerations, burns or other significant injuries.

Man allegedly spoke of violent crimes during Wisconsin OWI stop

Any man or woman who is pulled over in a Wisconsin traffic stop will want to quite wary of he or she says to police. While the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects those in such situations from unlawful searches or seizures and the Fifth Amendment protects the right to remain silent without legal representation, it is definitely true that anything a suspect says or does during a traffic stop or arrest can later be used by prosecutors to incriminate the person if charges are filed. Police claim that a man they recently arrested mentioned past allegations of violent crimes to them while he was being arrested.

When those who cause motor vehicle accidents do not survive

One never knows when a Wisconsin highway will turn from being an uneventful scene of moving traffic to the site of a tragic collision. Motor vehicle accidents often happen suddenly, without warning. In some situations, the drivers believed to have caused the accidents wind up suffering fatal injuries.  

Man charged and arrested for drug possession, high-speed chase

Drug crimes vary in severity, and they also vary by type. The kind of charges you face significantly influence the penalties that you could receive. As someone facing charges, it's your right to look into ways of defending yourself. Not all charges are fair, but with support, you can make sure that you are not treated with a bias.

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