Are People of Color Targeted in the USA?

As a person of color, you’re told by the media that you’re at a higher risk of arrest. What you may want to know is if the statistics truly show that.

Unfortunately, America is, to an extent, racist. Systematically, there are problems that make it more likely for people of color to face problems in the justice system.

In 2014, for instance, there was a report that showed a “staggering” disparity between arrest rates for whites and nonwhites. The report showed that at least 1,581 police departments were arresting black people at rates that were significantly skewed.

Are the police discriminatory?

Just having a higher number of people of color arrested by a police station isn’t enough to prove discrimination. Why? The station could be in an area where people of color are the most likely residents. They could also be more likely to be called to schools or events where people of color are more likely to attend. However, whenever there is a significant disparity, it’s vital that the station’s data is collected and reviewed to guarantee that discrimination is not the issue at hand.

Who is most likely to get arrested in America?

Hands down, it is black people who face the most arrests in America. The reasons vary from growing up in dangerous parts of the country to living in poverty. Like other people, some black people might be prone to violence or crime. Still, there is a reality that more people in this community face trouble due to skin color and backgrounds that make them more likely to struggle with violence and crime.

Is there any good news about racism in America?

There is some good news. For instance, of the 3,538 police departments reviewed, at least 173 were arresting people of color less often or at equal rates to others. While that is a shocking statistic, it does mean that there are honest, good officers out there. These are the professionals who can help start the changes that need to happen in the justice system.

No matter who you are, your rights need to be protected. Your skin color should not play any role in the treatment you receive from police. Your skin color does not define you or your history. If you feel that you’ve been targeted, this can be a good basis for a case against the police and an important point in your defense.


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