Is a School Liable If I Fall on Its Stairs?

Imagine walking down the pathway at a local school. You’re there to pick up your child, and you have to climb several stairs to reach the main doors. You don’t notice anything dangerous, but when you reach the second step, you slide unexpectedly and end up falling down several brick stairs. You’re cut, bleeding and upset that there was ice left where you, and many children, could fall and get hurt.

There is no excuse for school properties not to be in the best condition possible. When it comes to safety and wellness, schools are looking after the young and impressionable. Children deserve care of the highest level, and leaving ice on stairs is anything but that.

Once you suffer an injury like this, it’s very important to let the school know. Allow them to call for an ambulance or have someone transport you to the hospital. You should make it clear that you’re going to make a claim because of the unsafe premises.

Do you have to file a lawsuit after an injury?

In some cases, there isn’t a need for a lawsuit because of the willingness of schools to settle. However, it’s still a good idea to work with your attorney to determine if a personal injury lawsuit is the right choice for your situation. If the school refuses to pay for your expenses related to the injury or denies liability, then your attorney can help you approach the district with a lawsuit and assert your rights. Any slip-and-fall accident caused by ice or unsafe conditions should be the responsibility of the premises’ owner.


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