Heroin: A Cheap Alternative to Prescription Pain Medications

Heroin is an opiate that has become a major problem throughout America. For many years, medical providers issued opioid medications to patients in pain. These people often became addicted to their medications.

Up until recently, they may have been able to get the medications needed to curb their cravings for opioid drugs, but with the opioid epidemic in full force, more doctors are refusing to give patients opiates without significant cause.

This is what has led to more people turning to heroin. Although it’s illegal, it has similar traits to opiate medications. It is more dangerous, and the likelihood of overdose is higher. Still, people, especially those in pain, may feel it’s the only option.

There is a significant link between prescription drug abuse and heroin. Many of the prescription drugs that are used incorrectly are painkillers, and many of those are opiate-based. Heroin is simply an alternative drug that is easy to get.

Heroin is available throughout Wisconsin, which is what makes it so difficult to stop its spread. As someone who is accused of using heroin or abusing it, you are in a precarious position. You are someone who has participated in the drug scene, and you could face heavy penalties. Should you?

Many people, maybe including yourself, have turned to heroin to address the lack of pain medications that can reduce the pain they feel every day. Chronic pain is a true problem that must be addressed. Patients shouldn’t be harshly penalized for turning to what they know will help. Substance abuse treatment and proper medical therapies are a good alternative to prison and may be an option for you.


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