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Stolen vehicle speeds into town and causes roll-over crash

Speeding is one way to be sure that any crash you're in will be worse than if you'd been traveling the speed limit. Despite that, people speed every day, hoping to get to their destinations faster, to evade police, to race or for other reasons.

Judge reveals possible bias in sex crimes case

A judge is an impartial arbiter of justice in a court of law. He or she is supposed to approach each case with an open mind and adjudicate the proceedings based on the evidence presented. In a recent case in Wisconsin a judge may have exhibited bias at a defendant's court appearance in a sex crimes case. The judge allegedly made the comment that the accused was "creepy."

Motor vehicle accidents: Wisconsin teen dies in secondary crash

Wisconsin highways are often laden with fast-moving traffic. All drivers are tasked with remaining alert behind the wheel and adhering to all state traffic regulations to try to keep themselves and their passengers safe. When motor vehicle accidents occur, those involved remain at risk for further injury while waiting for police and rescue workers to arrive.

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