Motor Vehicle Accidents and Criminal Charges Sometimes Intersect

Like all other states, Wisconsin law prohibits operation of a motor vehicle if a person’s blood alcohol content reaches or exceeds a certain level. The problem is that many licensed drivers disregard such laws. This type of negligence often leads to fatal motor vehicle accidents.

A man who was involved in a crash that resulted in not one but three deaths is now facing criminal charges for manslaughter. Officials say he was severely intoxicated when the accident occurred. In fact, his BAC reportedly registered at four times the legal driving limit. It was a Friday evening when 911 dispatchers received a call from a witness who reported a person driving erratically in traffic.

Police say they later determined that the man had been traveling approximately 100 miles per hour when sudden impact with another car occurred. Sadly, three of four occupants in the vehicle were killed. All three were medical professionals. The driver of the allegedly speeding car is charged with reckless homicide.

Drunk driving is a criminal offense in Wisconsin, not a traffic violation. When fatal motor vehicle accidents occur because of a drunk driver, immediate family members of the victims can file wrongful death claims in civil court. Loss of life is always devastating, and nothing can replace it; however, successful litigation can at least provide financial recovery to those who are grieving to help them cover funeral expenses, as well as any medical bills that may be prompted by post-accident care provided to their loved ones before they died.


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