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Wisconsin motor vehicle accident resulted in fatality

While there is always a risk for personal injury when a licensed driver gets behind the wheel or someone travels as a passenger or pedestrian, most people reasonably expect other travelers to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations. When people do follow the rules, it definitely reduces the chances of a motor vehicle accident occurring. Unfortunately, a Wisconsin roadway became the scene of a tragedy when a driver recently headed the wrong way on a highway.

Wisconsin judges often set high bonds in cases of violent crimes

In 2013, a Wisconsin woman was reported missing. To date, she has still not been found. Police suspect foul play, and the woman's husband is now sitting behind bars as the main suspect in his wife's disappearance and alleged death. The husband has been romantically involved with another woman since about a month after his wife's disappeared, and she has also been charged in the violent crimes case.

Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents often result in fatal injuries

It is often said that April showers bring May flowers. However, spring time storms also often place travelers at risk. Inclement weather plus slippery roadway conditions often equals motor vehicle accidents in Wisconsin and elsewhere. In such situations, driver negligence is often a causal factor.

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