Do You Know What to Do If You’re in a Crash?

Car crashes happen throughout the United States every day. From a teen who isn’t familiar with the roads to an elderly person who should have retired their license, there are lots of people who take risks or make mistakes and put others in danger.

When you’re on the roads, it’s necessary to know what to do if you’re involved in an accident. For example, if you’re hit and able to leave your vehicle, do you know where you should go or what to do next? Here are some helpful tips.

1. If you’re injured, stay where you are and call 911

If you’re hurt, the best advice is not to move unless you have no other choice. You or someone who has witnessed or been part of the collision should call 911, and wait for help to arrive.

2. If you’re able to move freely, check on others

If you are unhurt or hurt but able to move and check on others who may be hurt, you should do so. The 911 operator will ask if others are injured. If they are, you may render aid to the best of your ability.

3. Exchange information

If you and the other driver are able to exchange insurance information, you can do so before the police arrive. If not, you can usually get this information at a later time after you get medical help.

These are three basic tips for anyone who is involved in a crash. Remember, your health and the health and safety of others comes first, so help whenever you can.


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