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Here's what you need to know about violent crimes in the U.S.

Violent crimes range in nature, but the basic similarity is that they all result in the pain and suffering of another person. Interestingly, a violent crime doesn't have to result in actual physical injuries. Threatening violence can also sometimes result in violent crime charges.

2 people in Wisconsin suspected of drug crimes

Wisconsin police sometimes show up at private residences, unannounced. These surprise visits often mean that someone who lives at the address or is thought to be visiting is suspected of drug crimes. A recent incident occurred on a Friday at approximately 3 p.m., which ended with two people going to jail.

Police chief makes comments about suspected drug crimes

Just because someone has a criminal record in Wisconsin does not mean he or she is automatically guilty if police suspect other wrongdoing. Especially in cases of a home search, in most situations, police must obtain a valid search warrant and must also have probable cause to make an arrest. After a man was arrested on suspicion of drug crimes, a police chief suggested that the accused man and others are selling drugs in the community.

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