Who’s at Fault If a Stop Sign Falls and there is an Accident?

Wisconsin intersections are dangerous. They are often the scenes of motor vehicle accidents, especially if a driver disregards stop signs or traffic lights. However, in some situations, whether a particular party is at fault is not always immediately clear. Investigators often have to recreate collisions to try to determine who or what may have caused a particular incident.

A tragedy occurred at an intersection on a recent Friday night. Preliminary investigations show that a motorcyclist was entering the intersection on a right of way. A sudden collision occurred when a motor vehicle simultaneously entered the intersection from an adjacent direction.

Sadly, there were three fatalities in the crash, including the person on the motorcycle, the driver of the other vehicle and a passenger in the car. Police say the car might have proceeded into the intersection without stopping due to a fallen stop sign. They had received a call not long before the collision occurred, reporting that a stop sign had come down.

Motor vehicle accidents resulting in fatality often lead to litigation. An immediate family member of a fatally injured victim can file a wrongful death claim in civil court if there is evidence that the negligence of another party or parties caused the accident and that resulted in the fatality. The party who files such a claim is tasked with convincing a judge or jury that negligence caused or substantially contributed to the accident and death that resulted. An experienced Wisconsin personal injury attorney can help gather evidence and advocate on a plaintiff’s behalf in court.


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