Two Men Accused of Violent Crimes Against U.S. Military Veteran

An incident took place at a home in Wisconsin that has led to two men being placed behind bars. Both are charged with violent crimes against an elderly U.S. marine veteran who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The men are accused of entering the veteran’s home, stealing $160 from him and taking his life.

One of the two men charged with the other man’s murder says he did not even know where he and his friend were going at the time, much less realize that an alleged crime was about to occur. He told police his friend has simply invited him to go somewhere with him where they would both get some money. Before the incident, the two men were apparently living at a homeless camp.

Authorities claim there is surveillance evidence against the two men who reportedly took a bus ride together after leaving the military veteran’s home. A woman called police saying the older man had been found bound and dead inside his residence. The surveillance film from the bus supposedly shows the two men laughing and congratulating each other for the alleged crimes they committed.

In situations like this, experienced criminal defense attorneys are often able to challenge such evidence involving violent crimes. For one thing, there is no proof that the men actually committed the act for which they are accused. Even if the two men can be seen exchanging high fives or congratulatory remarks on the bus video, they could be celebrating any number of things, which may be completely unrelated to the incident in question. An aggressive Wisconsin attorney knows how to use such loopholes to a defendant’s advantage in court.

Source: People, “Wisconsin Men Allegedly High-Fived After Robbing and Killing 76-Year-Old Veteran: ‘We Did Good, Bro’“, Harriet Sokmensuer, Nov. 3, 2017

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