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Narcotics Officers Search Wisconsin Home, Suspect Drug Crimes

A sheriff’s department in Wisconsin recently got a call requesting police assistance at a particular residence. Authorities say they were told some type of altercation was occurring that may have something to do with illegal drug activities. The department dispatched a patrol car to the scene, which ultimately led authorities to suspect that drug crimes were being committed.

The officers who arrived on-site say they secured the scene, which included three adult individuals. They also briefly spoke to each person and say they found what appeared to be various controlled substances and drug paraphernalia during their preliminary investigation. At some point, they called their department, asking for additional law enforcement support.

A special narcotics task force was then dispatched, executing a search of the residence. The three adults were ultimately arrested and charged with several types of drug crimes. Two of the defendants, both males, were also charged with jumping probation. A 21-year old woman that was with them was released from jail after being charged with several counts of illegal drug possession.

Those in Wisconsin facing similar drug crimes charges do well to remember that police may not simply show up to someone’s home and start rummaging through their personal belongings. There is a specific protocol that must be followed so as not to violate any person’s constitutional rights. If someone facing charges believes his or her rights were violated during an investigation or in the process of arrest, he or she may ask an experienced criminal defense attorney to challenge any evidence brought forth or to request a case dismissal altogether.

Source:, “U.P. woman arrested in Wisconsin drug bust“, Sophie Erber, May 2, 2018

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