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Authorities Searching for 2 Accused of Drug Crimes

Police say they suspect that two people for whom they are searching are on the run somewhere in Wisconsin. Seven people total were indicted regarding the drug crimes situation. Authorities claim the group was involved in a large-scale methamphetamine operation.

Investigators say they seized twice the amount of the drug as the Brown County Sheriff’s Office confiscated in all of 2016. That would be about 10 pounds of methamphetamine, reportedly worth close to a half-million dollars on the street. One of the officers said marijuana, heroin, and LSD were seized as well.

If the court hands down convictions, each individual affected could be sentenced from five to 42 years behind bars. Processing seven separate court cases take time, and each person will want to build as strong a defense as possible in the hope of preserving his freedom. The penalties for conviction of such serious drug charges would no doubt be quite severe.

A Wisconsin criminal defense attorney is able to assist anyone formally accused of drug crimes in this state. Various options may be available according to individual circumstances as no two situations are exactly the same. Regardless of the particular details of a person’s circumstances, an experienced attorney always has the best interests of the client at heart when pursuing any strategy believed necessary to combat the tactics of an aggressive prosecutor. Avoiding conviction may be possible, but even in situations where it’s not, acting alongside experienced representation can make the difference between securing a lighter sentence or incurring the maximum term allowed by law.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, “2 of 7 Indicted in Large-Scale Drug Bust at Large“, July 21, 2017

Authorities Accuse More Than 10 of Drug Crimes in Wisconsin

The lives of 12 people in Wisconsin have taken a turn in a direction they might not have foreseen. The situation involves law enforcement investigators, alleged drug crimes and a recent incident that led to their arrest.

The futures of each person will now be determined through the criminal adjudication process.

A state official said heroin and other heavy narcotic drugs are responsible for many problems in the area. He lauded the recent arrests as a major victory for law enforcement and said he’s confident the supposed drug bust will benefit the community. The investigation itself was a combined effort between federal and local drug task force units.

Investigators focused their efforts in the southeastern region of the state. Officials also say that drugs were not the only object of their attention. Authorities were also looking into reported money laundering crimes.

The 12 people who were arrested for drug crimes and illegal financial activities will each have an opportunity to present as strong a defense as possible in court. Although they may have been arrested regarding the same situation, there is no telling what every outcome will be as no two cases are processed exactly the same. Various factors may impact their abilities to avoid conviction or at least lessen the severity of their situations. Most Wisconsin residents who might face similar circumstances would choose to seek immediate assistance from experienced criminal defense attorneys who can aggressively protect their rights and counteract any tactics or strategies employed by prosecutors in their quests to secure convictions.

Source:, “Major drug bust leads to arrest of 12“, Sept. 27, 2017

2 People in Wisconsin Suspected of Drug Crimes

Wisconsin police sometimes show up at private residences, unannounced. These surprise visits often mean that someone who lives at the address or is thought to be visiting is suspected of drug crimes. A recent incident occurred on a Friday at approximately 3 p.m., which ended with two people going to jail.

The officers that knocked on the door reportedly had a warrant to search the home. In this state and all others, if the police show a valid home search warrant, they must be allowed entry. A person can request to see a warrant before allowing police access to his or her residence. In this case, police conducted a search of the residence, claiming that they found THC oil, loaded firearms, ecstasy pills, and miscellaneous drug paraphernalia.

A 43-year-old woman and 37-year-old man were taken into custody. They face a string of felony charges, including child neglect, unlawful possession of a firearm and numerous drug-related charges. A male of minor age was also charged with drug crimes but was later released to a parent.

If a Wisconsin resident answers his or her door to a police officer, it is critical that he or she knows his or her rights and how to protect them. Penalties for convictions of felony drug crimes are often severe, which is why most defendants hire experienced criminal defense attorneys to try to help them mitigate their circumstances. An attorney can assess an individual case and build as strong a defense as possible based on various factors, such as lack of evidence, possible personal rights violations, and/or other issues.

A Woman and 2 Men Accused of Drug Crimes in Wisconsin

The United States criminal justice system presumes a person’s innocence if he or she is charged with a criminal offense. There are often incidents in Wisconsin where more than one person is arrested and charged in connection with the same situation. In fact, this happened recently when two men and a woman were taken into police custody on suspicion of drug crimes.

The three were apparently at the same house when police made the arrests. Such arrests often take place after law enforcement officers arrive unannounced and with warrants. In this case, the three people arrested are suspected of committing crimes involving heroin. They were taken to nearby county jail.

Two of the accused were charged with conspiracy to deliver heroin. Authorities say they believe the third person actually made a heroin delivery. As in any case regarding drug charges, each of these people is guaranteed an opportunity to present a defense in court.

An experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney can help any man or woman charged with drug crimes explore all options available to protect his or her personal rights and freedom. If an investigative search preceded an arrest, a defense attorney can review the events that took place to assess whether a client’s personal rights were violated during the process. If so, a challenge against alleged evidence obtained during the search can be submitted to the court or a request can be filed for a case dismissal if the situation warrants it. Such actions could result in a reduction or outright dismissal of the charges.

Police Chief Says He Is Cracking Down on Drug Crimes in Wisconsin

Law enforcement officers are busier on some days than others. For a group of officials in Wisconsin, a recent Monday was especially busy, as officers in Milwaukee executed approximately 20 search warrants and 25 arrest warrants. The situation resulted in at least 17 people being arrested on suspicion of drug crimes.

Authorities say they expect to make more arrests as their investigations continue. Police say they seized more than 50 firearms, as well as $500,000 cash and an unspecified amount of heroin during their recent searches. When someone is charged with a drug crime, it is not enough for police to say they believe a particular substance is heroin or some other drug. Prosecutors must show the substance in court, along with test evidence to show it actually is the drug the arresting officers claimed it was.

A police chief who helped lead the recent drug investigation said the search warrants extended into the Greater Chicago area. The alleged heroin that was seized is reportedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on the street. The 17 individuals who were arrested were listed among 25 targeted suspects in the investigation.

Allegations of drug crimes are just that. From the moment of arrest until a case is fully adjudicated, a defendant may try to build as strong a defense as possible in the hope of avoiding conviction. An experienced Wisconsin criminal law attorney can be a major source of support in such situations. One of the first things an attorney can do is determine whether there are grounds for seeking a dismissal of the charges or to challenge certain evidence as inadmissible in court.

Day Begins with Accusations of Drug Crimes in Wisconsin

Police were inside the home of two people in Wisconsin on a recent Sunday morning. Sundays are often associated with rest and relaxation, church services and other family traditions. However, this particular Sunday was anything but enjoyable for the couple in question, who are now facing charges regarding suspected drug crimes. One can only imagine the sudden shock of unexpectedly finding police officers bursting into one’s home.

However, that seems to be what occurred when officers showed up unannounced and reportedly made an aggressive entrance into the couple’s home. They apparently did not even knock on the door before going inside. This tactic is sometimes referred to as a no-knock search. It was not long after midnight when police began their search. Authorities say there was already an active warrant out against the husband regarding supposed weapons violations.

Investigators claim the couple was housing approximately 90 grams of methamphetamine, which police say they seized from the premises. Police placed children who were inside the home at the time in the temporary custody of a county human services department. The children were reportedly later handed over to extended family members of the defendants.

The man and woman were charged with drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Officials say an investigation remains open at this time. No Wisconsin resident can ever be convicted of drug crimes or any other criminal offense without being given an opportunity to present a defense. Most defendants rely on experienced legal representation to act on their behalves in court.

Source:, “Osseo couple arrested after early morning drug bust”, Claire Sarafin, May 13, 2018

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