News Stories Involving Intoxicated/DWI Accidents in Wisconsin

Intoxication, either through drug use or alcohol consumption is a pervasive problem on Wisconsin roads. Levine Law has compiled news articles that outline DWIs and other driving accidents under the influence.


Wrong-Way Drivers Cause of Many Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accidents

One might not think there would be a lot of traffic before 4 a.m. on Wisconsin roadways. However, many long-distance travelers prefer driving through the night because there tends to be less traffic. There may also be someone commuting to work before dawn, as well as a few late-night partygoers who may finally be heading home. In short, no matter what time of day or night it is, there are bound to cars on the road, and where there are cars, there are risks for motor vehicle accidents.

A recent incident ended in a double tragedy. Investigators are still reviewing details of the events that led to a serious collision between two cars. The vehicles were initially headed in opposite directions from one another, one traveling westbound, the other east.

Although at the time of this writing authorities had not yet determined why, one of the drivers reportedly veered across the center yellow line dividing traffic lanes. Seconds later, that car and the other crashed head-on. Both drivers were trapped in their vehicles, which ignited into flames upon impact.

Sadly, neither motorist survived the crash. Other motor vehicle accidents involving wrong-way drivers have often led to litigation in Wisconsin courts when immediate family members of decedents seek recovery for their losses. In such situations, damages claimed often include emotional trauma, loss of financial provision or loss of consortium. If the person deemed responsible for a loved one’s death is also deceased, a wrongful death claim may be filed against his or her estate.

Source:, “Highway 12 near Cambridge reopens after fatal crash“, May 15, 2018


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