News Stories Involving Motivations for Violent Crimes in Wisconsin

Several factors can motivate an individual to commit a violent crime- such as murder or battery- and these factors range from mental health issues to problems in domestic relationships. Levine Law has compiled news stories that outline some of these reasons for violent crimes that occurred in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Man Accused of Violent Crimes Against His Own Wife

When a motor vehicle accident occurs in Wisconsin or elsewhere, there is often an extensive investigation launched in its aftermath if authorities question any details given by those involved. One man, who told officials he and his wife had been traveling along when a lead pipe flew off another vehicle, crashed through his windshield and struck his wife’s head, is now facing charges for violent crimes against his wife because authorities did not believe his story. His wife did not survive the alleged collision the man claims they were involved in on the roadway.

The man happens to be a windshield repairer for a living. He explained to investigators that the scratches he had on his neck, chest, and hands are very typical injuries in his line of work because he works with glass all the time and often gets scraped. Investigators say they do not think the lead pipe crashed through his window and killed his wife but that he himself struck her with the pipe then tried to make it look like the accident he described had occurred.

The man stands by his version of the story. A medical examiner and other investigating officials say the woman’s injuries and the state of the vehicle following the alleged crash do not coincide with the description the man has given. They also say that the woman’s body shows signs of physical struggle prior to her death.

Anyone accused of violent crimes in Wisconsin or elsewhere in the United States has the right to present a strong defense, particularly when one’s freedom is on the line as in this man’s case. An experienced defense attorney is a valuable resource in such circumstances. Anyone facing criminal charges can request immediate legal representation before participating in a police interrogation or otherwise navigating the criminal justice process.

Source:, “Wisconsin Windshield Repairer on Trial for the Murder of His Wife“, Katherine Coig, Dec. 7, 2017

Police Say Violent Crimes Don’t Happen Often in This Region

A man who was apparently on his way to visit relatives now sits behind bars in a Wisconsin jail. The man has been in trouble with the law in the past. A most recent incident resulted in accusations against him for allegedly committing violent crimes against two other men.

The other men happened to be brothers. They, and the defendant, were reportedly in the same local bar establishment when a disagreement broke out among the three. At some point, the altercation spilled out into the parking lot.

An investigation remains ongoing at this time. However, police were called to the scene at approximately 2 a.m. where they found one of the brothers lying in the parking lot, dead. He is said to have been shot several times with a gun. The deceased man’s brother also suffered gunshot wounds and was transported to a nearby hospital; he did not survive his injuries.

The authorities say that the man who is now in jail committed both violent crimes. A police officer said the neighborhood is usually quite safe and this is the first apparently intentional shooting that has taken place there since the 1980s. The accused man will have the chance to contest the charges in court. Most Wisconsin residents who are accused of violent crimes understand the need to rely upon experienced legal representation. An experienced defense attorney knows how to find weak spots in the prosecution’s case and can challenge any evidence in court that may have been gathered in violation of a defendant’s rights.

Source:, “Twin Lakes murder victims identified“, Nov. 25, 2017

FBI Searching for Suspect Following Alleged Violent Crimes

A Wisconsin drag racing festival ended up being a chaotic scene that has resulted in a massive FBI search. Three violent crimes supposedly took place when an unnamed person showed up at the festival and started shooting people. Authorities believe the people shot were directly targeted by the gunman.

They also said the three shooting victims are known as gang affiliates in the area. None of the three survived in the incident. The person said to have fired the gun reportedly fled the scene in a black motor vehicle. Police say there were many witnesses to the shootings and that the search is on to locate the person who may have been responsible for the deaths.

Two of the men who were shot were 30 years old; the other was a 26-year-old. The FBI has offered a reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the suspect. The reward is listed at $25,000.

When federal authorities are involved, it usually doesn’t take long to come up with a list of possible suspects in situations like this one. Although the person allegedly seen leaving the Wisconsin festival with a gun has not yet been located, it is likely he may face various charges for violent crimes if police find probable cause against him once they learn his whereabouts. Some people reach out for support even before criminal charges are filed when police question them about a particular incident or ask other potentially incriminating questions that they may choose not to answer without legal representation.

Source:, “FBI offers reward in dragway shooting of 3 suburban men“, Lee Filas, Aug. 29, 2017

Wisconsin Man Says Police Coerced His Violent Crimes Confession

Netflix viewers who watch “Making of a Murderer” may be familiar with a particular case that is currently being appealed post-conviction. A 28-year-old man, who was 16 when certain violent crimes were committed, says his confession to those crimes was coerced. Although tried separately, he and his uncle were both convicted and remain in Wisconsin prisons at this time.

The case was the subject of a 10-part series on “Making of a Murderer.” The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard arguments regarding a request that it bar use of the confession the young man gave in 2005. Such a request was already denied by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The appellate judges in that instance voted 4-3 to uphold conviction.

A dissenting Court of Appeals judge stated that it is clear the case against the nephew is basically non-existent without the confession. She also said at the time the confession was made, the teenager in question had an IQ in the low 80s. She believes he was extremely low-functioning and was pressured into confessing to the crimes.

The judge also said there are other problems with the confession, most specifically that the amount of police input included violates due process laws. A key factor in getting violent crimes charges dismissed or overturning a guilty verdict based on legal challenge often lies in the type of defense representation a defendant secures before heading to court. An experienced Wisconsin attorney knows how to aggressively combat tactics employed by prosecutors against those being tried.

Source: Reuters, “‘Making of a Murderer’ case may go to Supreme Court“, Feb. 20, 2018

Man Charged with Violent Crimes May Have Mental Health Issues

Residents of a particular Wisconsin apartment complex say their neighborhood is usually quite safe. In fact, one man says he feels comfortable enough to leave his door unlocked. The city in which the apartment building stands was reportedly voted one of the safest in the state. However, despite this, charges of violent crimes were filed against a resident of the complex on a recent Friday evening.

The defendant is a 74-year-old man. His neighbors describe him as being typically quiet, offering passers-by an occasional hello. There have also been disorderly conduct complaints filed against him in the past, leaving police officials to question whether he might have a mental health disorder.

He is said to have entered a woman’s apartment the evening the tragedy occurred. She was home with her teenage son and a grandson, age 4. Another man who also lives in the building says he heard gun shots ring out, so he ran out of his apartment to see what was going on. He says he saw the other man walking down the hall and that his greeting to the man was met with expletives.

Shortly after, the woman was found lying in her home with what appeared to be gun shot wounds. Responders took her to the hospital where she later died. A SWAT team is said to have talked the suspect into surrendering, and authorities claim the gun they believe was used to shoot the woman was found in the man’s residence. Violent crimes are rare in this Wisconsin area, so many residents are anxious to hear what becomes of this case. Like most criminal defendants, the man will likely secure legal representation before being arraigned.

Alleged Violent Crimes Can Stem from Domestic Relationship

Wisconsin authorities contend daily with incidents of domestic violence. These events sometimes manifest as public incidents. For example, the Sturtevant Police recently arrested a 24-year-old woman for violent crimes in connection with a domestic relationship that played out in and around a public movie theater. It started when the theater manager called police to report that two women were arguing in the theater’s parking lot.

The police went to the Marcus Cinema to investigate the report. When they arrived, they found a woman sitting on the sidewalk and crying. The manager told police that the woman was the victim in the altercation. The manager claimed that the two women were originally inside but apparently left the theater through emergency exit doors, which alerted him to the incident.

The manager reportedly told police that he went to investigate and observed the suspect yelling at the victim and throwing her to the ground. The victim allegedly told police that she and the other woman were in a relationship. She reportedly stated that the argument started inside the theater and that, when she went out to get some air, the suspect followed her out.

When police arrived, the suspect had allegedly gone back into the theater. They say that they confronted her inside and told her that she was a suspect in a battery. The police then told her she was under arrest for domestic battery and disorderly conduct. They allege that she resisted their attempts to arrest her, and therefore they added resisting arrest and related violent crimes to the charges.

The domestic battery charge is based on the allegation that the couple have a domestic relationship, as that is defined under Wisconsin law. While that charge may be subject to dismissal if the victim refuses to testify against the suspect, in this case, the police may proceed with the testimony of the eyewitness, i.e., the theater manager. Defense counsel will look for a way to negotiate these alleged violent crimes as an unfortunate domestic outburst, pleading for a break for the defendant. The outcome will depend on the suspect’s prior history and indications of her long-term violent tendencies.

Source:, “Woman arrested in battery incident at movie theater“, Alyssa Mauk, April 19, 2018


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