News Stories That Involve Fatal Motor Vehicle Collisions in Wisconsin

Levine Law compiles news stories that outline fatal motor vehicle collisions that happened in the state of Wisconsin.

Attempts to Avert Motor Vehicle Accidents Not Always Successful

In the wee hours of the morning, two vehicles were traveling a particular highway in Wisconsin. At some point, it seems to have appeared to one of the drivers that there might be a crash. That person, a 27-year-old man, tried to maneuver his vehicle into the passing lane to avert a possible accident. His attempt proved unsuccessful when the two vehicles collided. Motor vehicle accidents of this nature often result in fatalities, as this one did.

The man was not injured in the crash. However, there happened to be a 43-year-old woman riding as a passenger in his pickup truck when the two vehicles collided. The pickup truck the man was driving was pulling an enclosed trailer that contained a race car. The other vehicle had a box trailer. Upon impact, the woman was completely ejected from the pickup truck.

Sadly, she was pronounced dead on the scene. The other driver was able to escape the incident without bodily injury. A crash investigation team continues to focus on learning more details about the fatal crash.

Motor vehicle accidents that result in passenger deaths often lead to litigation. In these circumstances, immediate family members are allowed to file claims on behalf of a deceased loved one to seek compensation for damages. When wrongful death claims are successfully litigated, Wisconsin families often use the money they receive to cover medical expenses for any care rendered before death, as well as funeral expenses and other monetary damages related to their loved ones’ deaths.

Source:, “One person dead in Highway 151 crash in Dodge County”, Terri Pederson, Accessed on July 11, 2017

Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Head-On Collisions Often Fatal

At least six occupants were traveling in a mini van on a Wisconsin road just after 9:30 p.m. on a recent Friday night. Their lives were forever changed when a terrible collision occurred. Motor vehicle accidents like this one often leave entire communities reeling in grief for months.

A 38-year-old man appears to have caused the horrific accident. For some unknown reason, his vehicle was allegedly traveling east in a westbound lane. The mini van carrying two young children and four others was moving in the same lane in the proper direction at the time. The man’s vehicle reportedly smashed directly into the front of the vehicle carrying six people.

Sadly, the two children, ages 9 and 7, suffered fatal injuries in the crash. The driver of the van deemed responsible for the collision also died. Four other occupants in the same vehicle as the children suffered injury and were transported for appropriate medical treatment.

Recovery following Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents may be no small feat. In addition to the tremendous physical challenge that may be associated with a particular injury, undue financial hardship may be thrust upon families as well as they try to obtain the best care possible for their loved ones. When the motorist deemed responsible for a crash has died, justice may be sought against his or her estate. Children’s deaths are especially tragic, and while no amount of compensation can replace loss of life, court-awarded restitution may help alleviate some of the financial strain associated with a particular incident.

Source:, “3 killed, 4 injured in Shawano car crash“, Maria Szatkowski, Sept. 9, 2017

Motor Vehicle Accident Sends Car Plunging into Nearby Marina

In Wisconsin or anywhere, when there is a loss of life in a car crash, lives are forever changed. A recent motor vehicle accident ended in a fatality. Another person also suffered injuries in the collision.

As is often the case, there are many unanswered questions regarding the accident, such as what caused the vehicle to careen off the road. When police were called to the scene, the car was submerged in a marina near a boat ramp. It was approximately 10 p.m. on a recent Saturday when the call was made to the sheriff’s office.

First responders immediately helped an injured woman out of the Sister Bay Marina. The victim told her rescuers that there was another person in the vehicle. Paramedics took quick action and dove into the cold water. They made several attempts to reach the other accident victim, but water temperatures prevented them from doing so. Divers were called to the site; they reached the person who was still in the car.

The woman and the first victim were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Both women involved in the Wisconsin collision were age 24; the woman who got out of the water first survived her injuries. Sadly, the second woman did not; she was pronounced dead at the hospital. In a motor vehicle accident like this, a driver is often found to have been negligent. When that is the case, any other person injured may file a personal claim in court to seek compensation for damages; if the party believed responsible is deceased, the claim can be filed against his or her estate.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, “1 Woman Dies, Another Survives Marina Accident“, Oct. 16, 2017

When Families Lose Loved Ones in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Wisconsin roadways, like most others throughout the nation, are often dangerous places. Sometimes, distracted, intoxicated or otherwise reckless drivers are on the road. The problem is that personal driving choices don’t only affect the driver making them but can cause long-lasting consequences in the lives of others, especially when fatal motor vehicle accidents occur. The law protects those who suffer due to other people’s negligence by allowing them to pursue recovery for their losses in court.

A collision involving two cars happened on a recent Sunday evening at approximately 7:30 p.m. The accident had tragic results that undoubtedly changed the lives of two families forever. The crash occurred when a vehicle veered out of its lane and crossed the center yellow line dividing traffic.

The car was being driven at the time by a 35-year-old man. When his vehicle drifted into the other lane, it collided with another car. A 60-year-old woman was operating that vehicle. Sadly, the impact of the crash killed both drivers.

The resulting devastation of Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents like this one often intensifies when authorities contact family members to inform them of their sudden, unexpected losses. The weeks and months that follow a collision may not only be filled with grief but often financial complications as well, especially if families are unprepared to meet expenses associated with their loved ones’ passing. When a wrongful death has occurred because of driver negligence, and the driver deemed responsible is also deceased, an immediate family member of the victim may file a legal claim against the decedent’s estate.

Source:, “Victims identified in Town of Dane car crash“, April 9, 2018

Support for Families Following Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

At approximately 4 a.m. on a recent Monday in Wisconsin, a crashed vehicle was found along a highway. A local sheriff’s department reported two fatalities in connection with the collision. When fatal motor vehicle accidents like this occur, it often leaves grief-stricken families feeling a strong desire to pursue justice after learning that driver negligence was a likely causal factor in their loved ones’ deaths.

The sheriff’s department stated that once preliminary investigations occurred, it was determined that the crash had actually occurred several hours before the vehicle was found. Sadly, two men, ages 28 and 27, were pronounced dead at the scene. The man believed to have been behind the wheel at the time of the crash was ejected from the vehicle upon impact, likely due to the fact that he was not wearing proper seat restraint at the time.

The body of his passenger, who had apparently been buckled into his seat, was still in the car. Police say investigators determined that the car had careened off the road around a bend. They said the vehicle appears to have rolled over several times before coming to a halt.

Authorities also stated that excessive speed was probably the biggest causal factor in the collision. When Wisconsin families suffer the untimely deaths of their loved ones in motor vehicle accidents that could have likely been prevented, they often seek justice by filing wrongful death claims in civil court. Successful litigation often provides compensation for damages that grieving families can use to help offset expenses associated with their loved ones’ deaths.

Source:, “2 killed in Windsor car crash, officials say“, Bill Novak, March 26, 2018

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Tragedy Strikes Wisconsin Family

Like many Wisconsin families do during summer, one family went to a local ice-cream shop on recent Saturday evening. This particular family having no way of knowing that their lives were about to be changed forever. As often happens when serious motor vehicle accidents occur, the family is grieving the loss of one of its youngest members. The investigation of the events leading up to the devastating crash remains ongoing at this time.

No information was provided as to exactly how many family members were walking home from the ice-cream shop at the time. It is clear, however, that a 6-year-old boy was riding on his bicycle, with his mother walking nearby. The family had entered an intersection to walk to the other side of the street when a pickup truck suddenly struck both the child and his mother.

In emergency situations like this, it is often the courageous efforts of first response teams that save lives. Those who responded to this incident did all they could, including swiftly transporting the two accident victims to a hospital. Although the mother survived her injuries, word came from hospital staff a while later that they were unable to save the child’s life despite first responders’ use of advanced medical intervention.

As other families in Wisconsin and beyond have done following motor vehicle accidents in the past, the boy’s family issued a public statement. They thanked their community for an outpouring of love and asked for prayers as they learn to go on in life without their loved one. Officials say the driver of the pickup truck that struck the child and his mother is cooperating with authorities in their investigation; situations like this often lead to wrongful death claims through the state’s civil justice system.

Report: Milwaukee County Tops the State in Auto Fatalities

People sometimes lose their lives in traffic crashes out on Wisconsin’s roads. Unfortunately, Milwaukee County is the home of a sizable portion of these tragedies.A report suggests that it generally sees more than any of the state’s other counties.

The report reviewed traffic statistics covering the 2000 to 2015 period. These statistics were from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

From this review, the report estimated how many motor vehicle fatalities occurred in each state over this period. It also identified which county in each state saw the most such deaths.

According to the report, there were 10,849 traffic deaths in Wisconsin during this time.

Of these, 8.42 percent happened in Milwaukee County. With a fatality total of 914, Milwaukee County led all Wisconsin counties in traffic deaths.

So, Milwaukee County is no stranger to the great harm that can come from motor vehicle accidents.

Fatal auto accidents can be triggered by many different things. This includes unsafe conduct by motorists, such as:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to obey traffic lights and stop signs
  • Drunk driving
  • Drugged driving (this can happen with illegal drugs or legal medications)
  • Distracted driving, such as texting or other cellphone use while driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Tailgating
  • Being careless when passing vehicles or making turns

What types of dangerous driving do you feel are most common here in Milwaukee County? How safe do you generally feel out on the county’s roads? What would you most like to see drivers in the county do to help make things safer on these roads?

Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Often Lead to Litigation

A young man was recently traveling as a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a collision in Wisconsin. Another vehicle that was carrying a university volleyball team was also involved.

Motor vehicle accidents like this one often occur when motorists are negligent or reckless, placing themselves and their passengers in harm’s way.

That appears to be what happened as the volleyball team headed home. A motor vehicle carrying two occupants that were in the lane adjacent to the team bus is said to have suddenly veered out of its lane, crossing into oncoming traffic. The car slammed head-on into the bus.

While everyone on the bus escaped the incident unscathed, both the driver and the passenger in the car suffered fatal injuries and were pronounced dead at the scene. At the time of death, the two men were ages 20 and 22. Local fire and police departments, as well as emergency medical technician units, were deployed to the accident site to render as much aid as possible in light of the tragic situation.

Other motor vehicle accidents that result in fatal injuries have often led to civil litigation. Family members of deceased victims can file wrongful death claims against the estate of the person deemed negligent in their loved ones’ deaths. There is no need for a spouse or parent or adult child of a deceased parent to carry such a burden alone. A Wisconsin personal injury attorney can explain the process to anyone currently considering filing such a claim.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Children, Especially Tragic

A Wisconsin community was shocked and overcome with grief, following a recent tragedy. The incident involved members of a local Girl Scout troop and an apparent reckless driver. Motor vehicle accidents often occur in areas where posted speed limits vary; in this case, the section of road where a fatal collision occurred ranges from 55 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour over a short span of roadway.

The scouts and an adult chaperone were providing service to their community by collecting trash from the side of the road. It was broad daylight, and the area where the girls were working was considered safe. Sadly, it wound up being the scene of a disastrous accident when a nearby driver suddenly came careening out of his traffic lane. The vehicle struck several girls and the chaperone.

Sadly, the adult volunteer and two of the girls were pronounced dead at the scene. Two other scouts were transported to an area hospital for emergency treatment of their injuries. One of the girls survived but was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. The other child later succumbed to her injuries.

Relatives and members of the community expressed their sorrow following the crash that ultimately took four lives. The man behind the wheel of the car at the time initially fled the scene; however, authorities reported that he later turned himself in. Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents that cause fatalities often lead to wrongful death litigation, especially when the driver is deemed to have been negligent.

When Those Who Cause Motor Vehicle Accidents Do Not Survive

One never knows when a Wisconsin highway will turn from being an uneventful scene of moving traffic to the site of a tragic collision. Motor vehicle accidents often happen suddenly, without warning. In some situations, the drivers believed to have caused the accidents to wind up suffering fatal injuries.

This was the case in a recent incident that occurred in Waukesha County. It was a Friday afternoon when two vehicles happen to be traveling in opposite directions on Interstate 94. At some point, the vehicle headed east careened out of control, crossing over the median and collided with the other car.

A 34-year-old man was reportedly behind the wheel of the car that veered off its path. The sheriff’s department that responded to the incident said that both vehicles sustained serious damage in the collision. The car that was hit was operated by a 58-year-old man who suffered injuries in the crash and was transported to a nearby hospital for emergency care. Sadly, the younger man died as a result of his own injuries.

This Wisconsin tragedy is an example of the types of motor vehicle accidents that often lead to claims for personal injuries. A victim who survives his or her injuries is entitled to seek compensation for damages when another party’s negligence is deemed a causal factor in a crash. If the driver who was negligent is deceased, the claim can be filed against his or her estate. Many accident victims use court-awarded compensation to cover medical expenses and other financial losses related to their injuries.

Crash Leads to 5 Injuries, 1 Death

Crashes can be serious enough to result in deaths. When that happens, someone should be held accountable for their actions. Fortunately, most people do stay at the scene of accidents when others are hurt or fatally wounded.

Take, for example, a case from Milwaukee. In a two-vehicle crash, several people were hurt and one woman was killed. The news from Dec. 29 reports that the female passenger of a 25-year-old man’s vehicle was killed. The 25-year-old man is allegedly the person responsible for causing the crash with an oncoming Jeep. He is believed to have crossed over the centerline, resulting in a head-on collision.

The driver of the Jeep, along with three passengers, was also hurt in the collision. They included three males, 21, 24 and 25, and a female, 21. Fortunately, they were all expected to survive despite their injuries.

In crashes like this, any driver who is responsible for hurting or killing others should be held accountable for their actions. It is important for everyone to seek medical care right away and for victims to receive the help they need.

Once those who can be stabilized are, it’s a good idea to get in touch with your attorney, who can help you file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance. Using evidence from the scene, the police report and the start of your hospital treatment plan, it’s possible to begin the insurance claims process. With quick thinking, you will be able to focus on your recovery and begin the claims process, so that you can get the compensation you need.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Wisconsin Teen Dies in Secondary Crash

Wisconsin highways are often laden with fast-moving traffic. All drivers are tasked with remaining alert behind the wheel and adhering to all state traffic regulations to try to keep themselves and their passengers safe. When motor vehicle accidents occur, those involved remain at risk for further injury while waiting for police and rescue workers to arrive.

A tragedy occurred on a recent Wednesday when a 19-year-old female was riding as a passenger in a vehicle operated by a 22-year-old male. A sudden collision disabled the vehicle when it hit the back of a tanker on the roadway. The driver is said to have exited the vehicle while his passenger remained inside.

Before police arrived at the scene, another car slammed into the vehicle involved in the initial collision. This caused the disabled car to spin, reportedly hitting the young man who had exited the driver’s seat. The forceful impact of the secondary collision sparked a massive explosion. Sadly, the passenger who had remained her in seat after the first crash did not survive the second accident.

Motor vehicle accidents like this can be legally complex. There are technically three drivers involved, yet two separate collisions. When a Wisconsin traveler is fatally injured in a crash, his or her immediate family members may have grounds for filing a wrongful death claim in civil court. As plaintiffs, they would be tasked with proving that someone other than the decedent was negligent in the incident and that such negligence caused their loved one’s death. An experienced injury law attorney can provide guidance and support to those considering filing such claims.

Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accidents Often Result in Fatal Injuries

It is often said that April showers bring May flowers. However, spring time storms also often place travelers at risk. Inclement weather plus slippery roadway conditions often equals motor vehicle accidents in Wisconsin and elsewhere. In such situations, driver negligence is often a causal factor.

A recent incident is still under investigation. Officials have so far said that two vehicles were involved. A collision occurred near an intersection just after 4:30 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. It appears that driver who was headed in a westbound direction may have lost control of his steering.

The man’s car veered into eastbound traffic where it collided with another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle was rushed to a nearby hospital. There were several occupants in the car that careened out of its lane. Two of them were taken to a hospital for treatment of their injuries. Sadly, however, another person traveling with them did not survive the crash.

The accident report states that the road was slippery and a storm was occurring when the collision took place. Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents that result in injury or death often lead to litigation when driver negligence was a causal factor in a particular incident. Travelers may reasonably expect that other drivers will adhere to traffic regulations and exhibit caution when road conditions are compromised. If a driver acts recklessly or is negligent, the court can issue a monetary judgment as a means of holding him or her legally accountable for any and all damages that such behavior may have caused.


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