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What are cybercrimes?

Cybercrimes are criminal acts that use a computer as an instrument to further illegal ends, such as sending explicit photos, committing fraud, or violating privacy.

With the ease of access that we all enjoy through the internet today, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors are devoting resources toward computer crime investigations. Possession of images on a computer device is not the only issue that can lead to substantial felony charges. The ability of the government to investigate online activity, combined with the social awareness of computer crime activity, has led to many criminal charges involving computer evidence.

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What are types of cybercrimes?

At Levine Law in Milwaukee, we take a strong stand to challenge the admissibility and factual value of evidence in cybercrime cases. While most computer crimes involve sexual offenses involving minors, the scope of computer and internet crimes is expansive. Our aggressive criminal defense lawyers have experience in results-driven representation in all manner of computer-related criminal charges in state and federal court, including:

  • Possession of unlawful sexual images of a minor
  • Solicitation of a child
  • Use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime
  • Cybercrimes involving stalking or harassment
  • Internet crimes involving identity theft

How can a lawyer help if I am accused of cybercrimes in Wisconsin?

Members of law enforcement often work undercover, posing as a child online, in pursuit of child solicitation evidence. Police may conduct investigations into browsing activities to find potential evidence of someone viewing or downloading sexual images involving children. Our experienced trial lawyers know how to analyze the facts to find constitutional violations, flaws and other weaknesses in the government’s case. Our goal is to obtain the best results in pretrial challenges, negotiations with prosecutors and at trial, when going before a jury is the best legal option.

Who should I contact if I am accused of a cybercrime in Wisconsin?

Internet sex crimes carry harsh penalties and may even require sex offender registration, if a conviction is entered. With so much at stake, it is important to have a solid defense attorney in your corner. For aggressive advocacy and focused guidance, call 414-271-9585 or contact us online now.

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