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Do I need to hire a special attorney for a federal crime?

Not every criminal defense attorney is admitted to practice in federal court. Admission to federal court alone does not necessarily mean that a lawyer has experience challenging charges under federal procedures and rules. Federal crime lawyers, investigators and prosecutors have substantial resources. If an indictment is handed down, the federal criminal case is invariably complex. If you are under federal investigation or accused of a federal crime, it is vital to engage a skilled and experienced defense attorney who understands all aspects of the federal rules, criminal statutes and federal sentencing guidelines.

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How is Levine Law equipped to handle federal cases?

At Levine Law in Milwaukee, we bring generations of experience to the table to provide an aggressive defense against federal drug charges. We are more than trial lawyers. We begin with a thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the government’s case. We do not hesitate to challenge constitutional violations, procedural errors and other issues that we may uncover. We develop strategies for pretrial negotiations and prepare solid trial strategies to aggressively safeguard the rights of clients at every step.


What are examples of federal offenses?

Our results-driven federal defense attorneys are equipped to handle any manner of serious offenses, including:

  • Drug crimes: Federal prosecutors continue to bring a large volume of drug crime charges throughout Wisconsin. While any drug offense may bring serious consequences, the federal sentencing guidelines provide harsh penalties and lengthy prison sentences. We stand strong throughout the process to aggressively fight for the best results in every case.
  • Computer crimes: Internet access and computer technologies are often implicated in federal criminal charges. Our trial lawyers work hard to obtain the best results in complex computer and internet-related criminal cases.
  • Weapons offenses: Federal firearm offenses are serious matters, including trafficking in weapons, unlawful possession offenses, illegal sales and transportation charges. You need an aggressive lawyer who knows how to build a strong defense strategy aimed at results.
  • White collar crimes: Our business-savvy criminal defense lawyers are well-equipped to handle the most complex allegations involving mail fraud, wire fraud, RICO charges and other federal white collar offenses.
  • Other charges, including kidnapping and bank robbery: Federal jurisdiction is expansive and may involve a range of offenses that carry draconian consequences. We investigate the facts, challenge the evidence and provide aggressive advocacy to obtain the most favorable results possible.

Our trial-proven criminal defense lawyers analyze every detail and evaluate every legal option to craft a solid defense strategy. We will explain all of the available options and fight to achieve the best results possible.

What are the differences between federal and state crimes?

If you are ever charged with a crime, there can be major differences based on its designation of a state or federal offense. As a resident of Wisconsin, you not only have to abide by the laws of the state but also the legalities that are set forth by the United States government. The federal congress cannot pass a law unless they have a compelling federal interest over the activity. There are many nuances involved in what is incriminating for both types of government; let one of our federal trial lawyers assist you with questions.

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