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Should I contact a car accident lawyer if I am involved in a car wreck in Wisconsin?

For more than 40 years, our firm has been called upon to represent drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians injured in car accidents. Our Milwaukee car accident lawyers understand that these collisions often result in pain and suffering. Our attorneys will fight to ensure you recover the maximum compensation from those responsible and from insurance companies for medical bills. After all, a car accident can impact the entire family.

At Levine Law, we represent people who have been personally injured in auto accidents. In Milwaukee and all across Wisconsin roads, lawyers at our firm leverage three generations of trial experience to achieve favorable outcomes for people who have been injured due to driver’s negligence

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How can Levine Law help my motor vehicle accident case?

Our experience allows us to handle even the most complex and high-stakes personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, including claims that involve novel legal issues and factual disputes. If needed, we partner with highly regarded experts — accident reconstructionists, life-care planners, medical experts and other professionals — whose observations and testimony can strengthen your case. Over the years, we have handled thousands of car accident cases and worked with thousands of accident victims. Our attorneys know the strategies that have been proven to be successful in state and federal courts. We do not hesitate to take strong action when our clients’ futures are at stake.

What types of accidents does a motor vehicle accident lawyer handle?

We handle a range of motor vehicle accidents, from hit-and-run accidents to rollovers and rear-end collisions, including:
  • Car and auto accidents
  • Semitruck accidents
  • Cargo van and other commercial vehicle accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Recreational vehicle accidents (RV accidents)
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents

What should I do after I am involved in a car accident in Wisconsin?

  • Seek medical attention: A doctor can document all of your injuries and provide evidence that links the accident to any ongoing suffering. If you do not seek medical attention, you may be unable to prove the liable party’s negligence.
  • Document evidence: If you see a problem with a truck that struck your car, document it before the trucking company has a chance to fix it.
  • Identify potential witnesses: Taking this step will make it easier for our lawyers and investigators to track them down and speak with them about what happened.
  • Contact Levine Law
Read more advice on our article What to Do after an Accident.

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  • Do You Know What to Do If You’re in a Crash?

    Car crashes happen throughout the United States every day. From a teen who isn’t familiar with the roads to an elderly person who should have retired their license, there are lots of people who take risks or make mistakes and put others in danger.

  • Where to Seek Support in the Aftermath of Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Whether commuting to work or taking kids to school, Wisconsin travelers often have to navigate high levels of traffic in the early morning hours. Motorists in highly congested areas are at particular risk for motor vehicle accidents. The sudden and unexpected factors of a serious collision often leave victims wondering where to seek support.

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Who’s at Fault If a Stop Sign Falls?

    Wisconsin intersections are dangerous. They are often the scenes of motor vehicle crashes, especially if a driver disregards stop signs or traffic lights. However, in some situations, whether a particular party is at fault is not always immediately clear. Investigators often have to recreate collisions to try to determine who or what may have caused a particular incident.

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents and Criminal Charges Sometimes Intersect

    Like all other states, Wisconsin law prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle if a person’s blood alcohol content reaches or exceeds a certain level. The problem is that many licensed drivers disregard such laws. This type of negligence often leads to fatal motor vehicle crashes.

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Support for Wisconsin Victims

    There is always a certain amount of inherent risk involved when traveling by motor vehicle in Wisconsin or any other state. Some people may be more at risk than others, such as inexperienced drivers, those driving in severely inclement weather, or those sharing the roadway with another motorist who is impaired or distracted at the wheel. When motor vehicle crashes occur, the latter two factors are often the cause.

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