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Should I contact a lawyer if I have been injured by a dog bite or animal attack in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin premises liability law protects people who have been injured by dog bites or other animal attacks by holding dog owners accountable for harm caused by their dogs. At Levine Law, in Milwaukee we represent people throughout southeastern Wisconsin suffering from scarring, disfigurement and trauma caused by negligent dog owners.

We also represent people who have been injured by animals of all kinds, wild and domestic. Each situation is unique. When we handle your animal attack case, we use extensive experience, knowledge and skill to achieve a favorable outcome quickly and effectively.

While this may mean going to trial, statistics show that most dog bite cases settle before reaching the courtroom. Experience has shown us that preparation for trial can help aid in settlement. Opposing lawyers know our reputation as litigators. They know that we have what it takes to win at trial, so they are more likely to settle with us for the full and fair amount before taking matters before a judge or jury.

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What do I do if my child has been bitten by a dog in Wisconsin?

Statistics indicate that children are the most common victims of dog bite attacks. At Levine Law, statistics hold true. Many of our clients are children who have been attacked. Because they are at eye level with the animals that attack them, the injuries they sustain are often to the face. Facial injuries can be devastating. Not only do they require extensive and delicate surgery to repair, the scars they leave are highly visible. Children who have been attacked by dogs often find that their lives are changed forever. People react differently to them because of their facial injuries, and they often experience psychological trauma in addition to the physical one. Read our advice article on What to Do after an Accident.

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