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What should I do if I am a victim of negligent security in Wisconsin?

Establishments such as bars, restaurants, gas stations, shopping centers, nursing homes, banks, hotels and apartment buildings have all been subjects of successfully litigated negligent security claims. By representing individuals permanently injured in cases stemming from negligent security, we believe that we are taking an active role in making the community safe for the public. We at Levine Law have undertaken several cases involving the failure to provide adequate security resulting in the victim suffering severe injuries and/or death. Speak with a negligent security lawyer at our firm in a free consultation, call our Milwaukee office at 414-271-9585.

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Are property owners accountable for negligent security in Wisconsin?

Owners and managers of property have a duty to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition commensurate with the activities conducted on the property in order to prevent harm to its business invitees.

Many people do not realize that it is possible to hold property owners responsible for crimes that occur on their property. Under Wisconsin law, property owners have a responsibility to their guests.

What are the responsibilities of a responsible property owner?

If property owners know that their properties are in dangerous neighborhoods or that crime is likely, they have a responsibility to take certain actions, including:
  • Hire and properly train security guards
  • Hire and properly train bouncers
  • Install and effectively use surveillance cameras
  • Install or change locks
  • Put in place proper precautions during large-scale events
  • Screen potential employees
When they fail to provide adequate security as dictated by law, landlords, store owners, security guards, property managers, and other individuals and businesses can be held accountable for the harm crime victims’ experience. At the law offices of Levine Law, we have a reputation for success in these cases, called negligent security cases. Over the years, lawyers at our Milwaukee law firm have won or favorably settled many of these cases, including lawsuits involving serious personal injury that changed the lives of the people involved. We have what it takes to handle your negligent security lawsuit efficiently and effectively.

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