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How can a lawyer help if I have been involved in a truck accident in Wisconsin?

Truck accidents leave profound impacts on Wisconsin’s roads, particularly in areas like Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. The involvement of commercial giants—semis, 18-wheelers, and box trucks—escalates dangers due to their massive size. The aftermath of crashes involving trucks and semis often shatters lives, with severe injuries and even fatalities.. In 2018, the US witnessed 112,000 large truck crashes, claiming 4,951 lives and causing 150,000 injuries. Worryingly, this trend has surged by 51% since 2009.

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Wisconsin Truck Accident Attorneys: Guiding Recovery

Attorney Jonathan J. Cattey’s Excellence

Jonathan J. Cattey’s qualifications further underscore his ability to be an advocate for truck accident victims. As an alumnus of the University of Michigan and Marquette University Law School, Attorney Cattey brings a wealth of legal acumen to the table and a personalized approach you will not find at other law firms. His achievements, including making the Dean’s List in 2009 and participating in the National Moot Court Competition, signify his dedication to excellence. Additionally, he interned with the Honorable Diane S. Sykes at the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit while in law school. Since joining Levine Law in 2013, Cattey has handled an array of civil matters, ranging from personal injury and wrongful death cases to contract disputes and legal malpractice. His consistent recognition as a Super Lawyers Rising Star from 2015 to 2022 further exemplifies his standing in Milwaukee’s legal community. Attorney Cattey is now a managing partner at Levine Law and his partnership with Michael Levine offers clients a wide range of representation and legal skills.

In the aftermath of a truck accident, Levine Law stands as your steadfast companion. Combining excellence, empathy, and unwavering advocacy, Levine Law adeptly navigates the complexities of such matters, secures rightful compensation, and guides you towards a brighter future. If you’ve been impacted by a truck accident, consulting Levine Law is your first step towards gaining accountability. Your voice matters, and Levine Law is dedicated to championing your cause with skill and compassion.

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Contacting a quality legal team is vital if you’ve been affected by a truck accident. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call us at 414-271-9585 or visit our website. At Levine Law, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate the legal process.


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